Trying to find an old d20 monster


The EN World kitten
So I'm wracking my brain trying to find a particular monster for 3.5 (though I think it might have been in a 3pp d20 book). Hopefully, someone will know what this is.

The creature in question was a construct who had the power to remotely activate all of the traps in a dungeon. Essentially, it made the traps activate on their own to proactively attack characters rather than wait for them to blunder into them. I think it had a name along the lines of "heart of the dungeon" or "dungeonmind" or something like that (maybe that was the name of one of its abilities?), but I'm not sure.

I vaguely recall that it was one of a small group of creatures in (I think) a relatively short supplement. As mentioned, I think this was 3pp rather than anything from WotC. But I could be wrong about any of that.

Is this ringing any bells for anyone?


This is unlikely the creature you're looking for, but WotC's Dungeonscape has a 5-level prestige class called "Dungeon Lord" that allows the creature in question to be able to see everything going on in the specific dungeon and use animate objects on any object in the dungeon - which allows it to activate traps as you mentioned. However, this ability is usable only once per day (and attainable only once you gain the 4th level of the prestige class).