TSR TSR5! A modest proposal. Paizo (or Modiphius or Free League) buys TSR, for a true rebirth


Without Dungeons and Dragons I think the TSR logo is largely worthless and if a company pens a really revolutionary awesome game it would be foolish to put it under the TSR umbrella given the flimsy legal standing WRT WOTC.

At best the "5th TSR" is setting themselves up for potential litigation by using the logo. Even if WOTC does not decide to challange them now, there is the chance they will down the road and even if it is a 100% lock that "5th TSR: will prevail in court it would still require a legal battle if WOTC decided to challenge them.

If you have a great game why put it in that kind of peril? If you don't have a good game then it hardly matters what logo you use.

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