[TTA] Moms Are Gamers Too! – Sale for Mothers Day


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[TTA] Moms Are Gamers Too! – Sale for Mothers Day

Tabletop Adventures announces our seventh annual “Moms Are Gamers Too!” sale in honor of Mother's Day. We are offering a discount on all our products from now through Tuesday, May 10. You can find our products at Your Games Now, e23, paizo.com, RPGNow, and DriveThruRPG.

In addition, if you are a mom who is a gamer, have a mom who is a gamer, or know a mom who is a gamer, write us and tell us about her and we will give you a coupon for 30% off the product of your choice.

Send your mom info to publisher (at) tabletopadventures (dot) com. Please tell us about the gamer mom you know (or are), let us know where you heard about the sale and indicate for which product you would like a coupon. (Coupons will be good through July 31, 2011.) These accounts of moms in gaming may show up on our web site, with all identifying information removed, of course. To read some of the great comments we received in previous years, see the sale information page of our website.

Take advantage of these special offers and join us in celebrating Mother's Day. Tabletop Adventures – Whatever you play, we’ve got your back!

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