TTRPG Alternative Systems


EnWorld... ers?

In light of the recent OGL debacle, I wanted to compile a list of known, open alternative TTRPG systems that are available for 3PPs to build their own games/worlds/campaigns with. Obviously I know there are a lot of gaming alternatives wrapped in their own materials, but I'm talking the systems themselves. Could you all help me compile the list? For example, I know Monte Cook Games is switching its Cypher System to being under an open license to allow people to build around it. That's the kind of thing I'm talking about.

I'll try and update this original post with a running list (broken down by category, if I can) of answers.

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Greggy C

Wow, that is so kind of you to try and update the post!

Let me get you started so it looks like you did some effort:


Zweihander. Geared towards a War Hammer Lite setting, but easily applied to any grimdark setting. With the Flames of Freedom expansion, you could run a campaign from traditional fantasy to Napoleonic era.

I don't know how the particularities of it works out, but I think Rob schwalb's Disciples of the Demon Lord licence seems quite open.

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