First Post
Est Pop - 500 permanent/ 1000 temporary.
Ruling Faction - Clean Water Clan
Background - Resurrector
Local History -

The trade town ofTucumcar (more commonly known by its wasteland name of “Trade City”) has been a nexus of commerce in the wasteland for generations. One community or another has inhabited the site since a few decades after the Fall, dwelling far from the burned-out ruins of the actual city atop the nearby mountain – Tucumcari Mountain – where it is easy to defend against the predators of the desert. Though many of these communities came to rise and fall since its earliest history, the arrival of traders in recent times brought the town newfound prosperity – and security – that has guaranteed its existence ever since.
A few years ago the [wiki]Clean[/wiki]
and [wiki]Cartel[/wiki]
took over the small-time operation of the local traders in a threeway struggle that left one side defeated (the locals)
and the other two reeling – and poised on the edge of an all-out faction war. With a remarkable stroke of cunning, however, the [wiki]Clean[/wiki]
managed to avoid war by compromising over control of the town. By sharing Tucumcari with the [wiki]Cartel[/wiki]
they not only avoided a costly conflict, but also cemented an alliance that has remained stable (if somewhat lacking in trust) for longer than most faction friendships. And, most importantly, it has established Tucumcari as a secure place for trade in an otherwise hostile land, a fact that has made both factions rich over the past few years.
Local Law -
In Trade City, the [wiki]Clean[/wiki]
and [wiki]Cartel[/wiki]
make the law. The law is “business and profit rule”. If you happen to be a visitor, a wanderer, or just some local small fry, don’t step on the toes of anyone more powerful. It’s just common sense. While the [wiki]Clean[/wiki]
have outposts across the wasteland where they do business (especially in the Arid City, but also elsewhere along the Far Desert’s trade corridor), Trade City could almost be called “theirs”. Though they do share power here with the [wiki]Cartel[/wiki]
, its pretty clear that in Trade City, the [wiki]Clean[/wiki]
have the major share of power.
Low Market Terrace - Open to all that can gain entrance to the trade town.
Squatters Market - Squatter’s Market, at first sight, looks more like an open-air garbage dump than any self-respecting bazaar. Huge heaps of trash, refuse, and swill, discarded from the inhabitants of the city, invariably find their way here – and are simply scavenged to pieces, swept aside, or even shaped into houses and buildings. There is little distinction between storefronts and garbage mounds, except perhaps for a handmade sign showing the way to a back entrance or private shop. All over the square stand ramshackle stalls of corrugated iron or cardboard, from where diseased and dirty peddlers shout out the prices of their goods or extend mangy hands to beckon passersby to take a look inside.
This market has shops that deal in consumables, cheap whiskey, and necessities are most common. These include places that hand load spent ammunition casings for a fee (+1cp per round), for instance, or sell sturdy boots and traveling gear for affordable prices. Hats of all kinds to protect against the long term effects of UV exposure; miracle “creams” and “oils” to protect against the sun; shaded goggles, tinted eye wear, sunglasses, etc. Cheap, hot meals (3cp) are sold here from stands for a rare treat (few scavs can afford anything but slop), as well as more practical hand wrapped packets of rations (5cp each) treated to last for months in the wilderness. Water is sold here, but is pricey 12cp per half gallon.
The Labs - What they call the “Labs” is really just a complex of corrugated iron shacks with tall tin chimneys rising into the rancid Tucumcari sky. The pathetic sight of grubby scavs, tiny hunger-wasted children, and wheezing old discarded misfits moving through this shanty “village” is appalling. Built a long time ago to manufacture adhesives for the rubber-tire repair of the Cartel’s motorized caravans, the [wiki]Cartel[/wiki]
soon found that much more profit was to be made in simply selling the glue to the young, the old, the pained, the diseased - and especially the entertainment-starved scavs that visit Tucumcari on a regular basis. The [wiki]Cartel[/wiki]
attempts somewhat to distant themselves from this operation, everyone knows though that to interfere with its operation would invite [wiki]Cartel[/wiki]
The Slave Market - Though there is more than one place to trade human beings in Tucumcari, the aptly-named “Slave Market” is by far the largest and most infamous clearing house for slaves and concubines. Its reputation for quantity and quality is renowned up and down the trade routes.The slave market is situated in a large square among the barrio-like ghettos of Tucumcari, an amphitheater style gathering place where crowds of merchants, wealthier patrons, or just lascivious onlookers can come to watch the proceedings. On any given day there are likely to be at least two score slaves for sale, though during times of war (when entire communities are enslaved by one faction or another) this number can triple or quadruple. Most slaves sold here consist of women taken from all across the desert, though men (for labor or as bonded soldiers), intellectuals, and even children (for whateveramusement onlookers can think of) can also be found for sale every few days or so.
The Great Bazaar - to gain entry to this level an individual needs to be able to trade on behalf of an entire community, it is therefore off limits to most.

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