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Tunnels & Trolls Deluxe

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31 days to go and just shy of 4 grand over what they wanted. Good on them. I had a lot of fun with 5th ed, playing many of their solo adventures. Never did get to play with others though.


Played a huge amount of T&T back in the days when my parents took my D&D books away because they might be Satanic. I assured them that T&T was a TOTALLY different game. T&T really is a simple, great, flexible, rules-light RPG.


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I have never played this, but I enjoyed reading the trap books way way back in the day.

Glad to see it is still around.

Dodgy Farmer

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Finally played the Goblin Lake demo game a couple months ago. I used to go to the Flying Buffalo store in Tempe, AZ to get my Squad Leader fix. Never picked up T&T though. Had a whole glove compartment full of "Buffalo Chip" coupons.

Invested in the $60 Kickstarter level. I've got a few decades to make-up for.


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Never played T&T but I backed this one as you get the PDF for only $14 and it is great to see a Pen and Paper surge on Kickstarter.

Mythological Figures & Maleficent Monsters