Pathfinder 1E two bards in a party... yeah (advice) how would you deal with it.

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here is the situation two of my players R playing bards. originally the two characters they created are from a game that we started several years ago, the ruling that was made for the game is that their music would stack regardless of that the actual rule is that they do not. since then we have discovered the feet song of the heart, the spelled harmony and some other spell that raises the bonus from inspire courage.
recently we have pick up the game again and its a problem, so I ruled that there inspire courage would stack but song of the heart and the other spells would not stack. regardless of that rolling where's the stacking they are still getting a plus +7 to +8 I think.
so any suggestions if there's a better way to rule this that still includes both bards

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Have them duke it out in an iron cage to see which one has the right to be the party Bard.

Two men enter, one man leaves...


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so ur ignoring the bonusstacking rules but ur sayin that the bonuses R 2 high?

1 solution: invite this guy

Two men enter. One man leaves.


If you are using Pathfinder I would have them use archetypes. The Court bard is very debuff focused. While making enemies miss more is not the same as making your guys hit, using both together would be a nice combination- no stacking issues. Then drop the stacking rule. The game doesn't let stuff stack for a reason- the math goes nuts and offense and defense can be boosted into crazy high numbers.


Jpoining the choir of suggestions above. Two clerics in the same party would have the same issues - their buffs would not (and should not) stack. Ask them to use different buffs/debuffs and if possible to select different archetypes. Also, try to make them agree to use other aspects of the bard than simple buffs - again this is largely a build issue but also a matter of what else you have in the group. Bards can be decent fighters, etsatz rogues, decent control casters, good at combat maneuvers, etc. Basically, a bard can be second-best at anything. Make them focus in other party roles their party lacks.

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