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Two books of magic items for the Dungeon Fantasy RPG (powered by GURPS)

Gaming Ballistic, the only licensed third party publisher of Dungeon Fantasy RPG expansions, is back with two books of magic items. The kickstarter ends tonight.

I've had a chance to read early drafts of both books, and they look really good. Each item includes a rich backstory, plenty of flavor, and a diverse array of interesting powers and abilities. They are fresh and original, with items that should appeal to a variety of campaign styles and power levels. As with everything Douglas Cole has published for his faux Viking Nordlond setting, it is easy to reskin the mythical underpinnings to work for different campaign worlds. The powers are written up in a way that would make them pretty portable to other game systems, too.

The project has funded. The hardcover stretch goal looks like it's probably out of reach, but who knows? Check it out: Artifacts of Legend.


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I am generally positive towards all things dungeon-crawley; and the concept of spirit weapons with advantages and disadvantages from the creature whose spirit is in the item looks interesting. The one that really grabbed my attention was the concept of a helmet with a pit fiend's spirit in it that gives you several minutes of local omniscience for free (see secret doors, invisible foes, hidden runes and traps, etc.) PLUS several more minutes any time you're willing to let the pit fiend's spirit influence you a little bit.

Full disclosure: I backed this project a week or so ago so I'm obviously biased in its favor.

I play Dungeon Fantasy RPG and it is awesome, but I expect you'll be able to steal mechanics from this book even if you play 5E or OSR. E.g. if a given spear from a cobra's spirit gives you magic bonuses but also gives you Bloodlust (12) eventually, you can translate that to D&D 5E easily: you want to kill your enemies, not just defeat them (like a cold blooded snake would do). Roll 3d6 to resist the urge (if you want to), and on 12 or less you succeed, otherwise you must execute the BBEG instead of jailing him, or whatever.

So if you don't play Dungeon Fantasy, take a look at this product anyway.
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