D&D 5E Ultramodern5 Crowdfunding Launch Pushed Up to June 13th

Dias Ex Machina

Publisher / Game Designer

It’s come to our knowledge that a certain… well-known—I mean, I guess—board game is launching on June 20th, the same day as ours. And while we would expect some carryover promotion, the potential to get lost in the miasma of hype has convinced us to advance the clock a bit.

Also, Backerkit’s new website launches next week.

Soooo, we have decided to push UP the launch of our next Ultramodern5 crowdfunding campaign to NEXT TUESDAY, JUNE 13th!​

Nothing else will change.

No, I mean it this time. This is it. I mean it.


(Looks around the room)

Anyway, don’t forget to sign up to be informed of the launch. Signing up is not a commitment, just a pledge of curiosity. Thanks to everyone so far that have committed to know more.

Ultramodern5, a 5E universal sci-fi sourcebook + Campaigns & Adventures

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