Ultraviolet Grasslands 2e is out now.

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I crit!
Mine arrived and someone posted photos of thier unboxing


CR 1/8
I received my copy (just the book, not the whole kit) several days ago. The book is gorgeous, and the setting as weird as I had hoped!

FYI, Luka (u/WizardThiefFighter on reddit) posted a brief UVG2e errata (as of 16 June 2023) correcting a few unspecified "p.XX" page references. Just quoting them here for easy reference:

p166: p.xx should be p.177
p174: first p.xx should be p.173
p174: second p.xx should be p.172
p198: p.xx should be p.209
p222: p.xx should be p.142

I got mine! Even though I have 1e. It’s beautiful, and at least some of the screen is on the inside covers. I also picked up a one-shot module called Let Us In which looks really fun.

UVG is really baroque. In a way it’s different from a lot of other OSR stuff because it is maximalist rather than minimalist. I haven’t tried to run it but I’ve read a lot people struggle to bring something usable to the table. I think the key is just to pick out a few things for any session and otherwise just try to get the vibe right. The Coins and Scrolls blog has a lot of good advice for UVG


CR 1/8
FYI I got an email from Exalted Funeral with a code for a copy of UVG2e for Role an online playing space. Check your email. It said it’s a free copy. Dunno why I got it but I have at least one other report of someone receiving it.

I received one, too. Got something similar for OSE via ExaltedFuneral a couple weeks ago, as well.

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