Under A Darksun: PART I SEGMENTS 1-124


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This will be the site of my Darksun inspired campaign I have worked out but never put onto paper for about five years now. I hope you enjoy it.


Deep below the ground hidden in a maze of tunnels built thousands of years ago lies an enigma.
She is magically and psionically imprisoned within here for the past 17 years. Only the light given off by dozens of dim wisping candles brighten the room. The light gently reflects from her golden metallic flacked skin and silver hair. Her eyes see only the darkness around her through pupliless eyes of white. Today she has a guest.

She can hear his clawed feet strike the stones…coming closer and closer. She senses him almost as much as she hears him. A heavy reinforced door opens. She sees his reflective serpent eyes stare at her. She trys to deduce his thoughts or feeling but can find none. “Welcome Bane. What brings you to me after these years?”

The ten foot tall reptilian creature paces a few times before her. His twitching tail tells of his anxiousness and nervousness. “I came to torment you of course my love.” He looks into her eyes searching for a reaction but finds none.

“I have known you too long for that Bane. Something bothers you….something bothers you greatly.”

“Arrragh! I should kill you woman! I should kill you for the sheer joy of it!”

Silence. Several tense moments go by but she continues to show little emotion to her visitor.

“The world is dead. Can you not feel it Enigma? I and the Champions of Rajaat have killed it. Killed it with little remorse or care.” He stares at her hard. He hopes for a reaction but finds none forthcoming. “The people cower before their defiler kings and queens. We have controlled the entire Valley and beyond for thousands of years now with an iron fist. We will continue to do so forever as we are immortal and can not be killed by the mortal creatures that scurry beneath our feet.”

Using a soft voice she replies, “Are you proud or are you bored oh great and powerful co-ruler of the valley of Tyr? You did not come to see me for the first time in a decade to gloat. Something is amiss. Something your immortal but very human heart can not comprehend. Change. Change is coming. And you are not sure whether this is bad or something to embrace.”

“RARRRGH! HOW DARE YOU!”, he moves quickly at her to strike her down but suddenly stops. His clawed feet inches away from the chalk lined magical barrier that aids to imprison her. “Hee….you almost did it Enigma. But no , you will remain here forever.”

“Forever…?” She sits upright and stares into his eyes….”There is very little that is forever Bane…very little indeed.”

“Oh?” He leans over her in an attempt to intimidate her while not breaking the invisible barrier, “…and what is forever if not the Champions?”


“Hope…? Hahahahahahaha. “There is no hope. Until the next decade goes by dear dear dearest Enigma.” He turns and leaves disappearing through the darkness and the maze of tunnels that surround her prison.

“Hope. It is alive Bane. I forsaw this before we met those long years ago when I was fooled by your ideals. No. No Bane. There is hope because there will rise a hero. A hero unlike any other before him.”
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Hot and extremely unpleasant.

He couldn’t stop thinking about it. For two days now he has been within this slave caravan cell. He has seen three humans give in to the heat thus far. The enslavers merely wrote it up as business causes and pushed the bodies off the cargo wagon onto the sandy wastes to be eaten by the carrion consumers within the desert.

How did I get caught and put within here? I was always faster, stronger and smarter than most people my own age. Maybe my luck just ran out. “How are you holding up Alderoan?”

An elf was chained to the wall next to him. He was captured yesterday at an oasis. Like most elves, it was not the heat that bothered him, it was the containment. “I have seen better horizons Mania. However, I would like to think I will be out soon enough.”

The young man known only to others as Mania slowly nodded his head and gave a short and less than sinsere smirk to the elf. He knew they would arrive in Nibenay shortly after the rise of the sun. At this point they would be sold on the slave market to nobles, templars and woodsmen. Neither sounded good to him or the elf. Still, the elf seemed to have a new spark in his eyes that he had not seen earlier.

Damn these elves thought Mania. They always seem to know something that no one else does….or at least pretend to know successfully.

The sweat burned his eyes as he looked up to see how the others fared. There were still 16 surviving slaves to be within the cell. Most were human nomads or escaped slaves from Urik. All seemed very weak from their harsh treatment. By day, the inclosed cell reached tempertures over 140 degrees. By night the tempertures dropped below a chilly 50 degrees. The elf, like his peoples, did not notice the temperture differences much. However, the dwarf and other humans felt it with all their souls.

If the temperture and confinement did not calm a person, then blows from the caravan guards and the headaches caused by the mindbender did. There were eight guards and a mindbender controlling the beasts of burden. It only took the nine of them to control the slaves. The sun was low in the sky. The outside temperture had already dropped below 100 while within the cell it was still over 130.

Alderoan spoke very quietly to himself. He knows we will die or become slaves by morning thought Mania. He is losing it. Mania began to curl into a fetal position. He was finally prepared to give up when he knowed a queer sight. A small blue glider was riding on the wagon. This small lizard would use the skin flaps between it’s legs to sail after bugs. What was it doing here, so far away from an oasis, riding a slave wagon? Alderoan seemed to be listening to it.

“Hmmm….you are correct Relea”, whispered the elf as he looked onto the blonde haired young man. “You would seem to be better than this Mania…better than to give up when our first opportunity to leave has yet to come. Do you know whom I am? I am Alderoan, an elf. This you know. You know more than the cretins above us. Let me now tell you a secret.” The elf leans over to Mania as if to pass out, “I am also a chief’s eldermost son. Relea has told me about a rescue attempt that they prepare for me. Though I need not your help, it would be appreciated. In return, I will release you. Do you agree?”



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Segment 001 was entitled "Prelude of the hero"
Segment 002 was entitled "Captured & Enslaved"

“Elven Rescuers”

Bryceson didn’t care for his job but it was better than being a captive. He has been working as a slave caravan guard for two months now. He has seen many acts of cruelity in this time and wished to erase them from his mind but could not. He had a wife and a child. The wife worked within the psionics school in Nibenay. His son was showing possible early signs of psionic powers. He had to work.

Bryceson was then startled when a black raven landed on a rock next to him. It made no sounds. It just stared at him tilting it’s head as if this would enable it to understand him better. “Go away you wretched animal” snarled the guard. “Away with you before you find…an arrow….in you…?” Bryceson never knew what hit him. The raven looks at him then from where the arrow originated from.

An elf impossibly quiet and stealthy blended in with the rocks and weeds. He looked at the bird for a second then turned his attention to even another guard whom fell from his Crodlu seconds later.

Mania barely heard the click of the lock as it was picked and opened by the elf. Alderoan placed a finger to his lips to signal Mania’s attention to quiet. Mania’s one lock was picked next. The other slaves were still fast asleep in the cool night.

Quietly the two would-be escapees moved to the door. As quietly as possible, they moved back the door. However, it was not quiet enough. One of the people inside, the dwarf, awoke and began demanding his release. Suddenly his eyes glazed over…if only for moment as they lept out the jarred door. “Jump!” yelled Alderoan.

The rescue consisted of two elven archers. Both of them were now on the run as riders charged down onto them. The caravan leader, a mindbender, had an arrow lodged in his chest. He lived but could not use his impressive powers. As such, the beast of burden was no longer under his control and became spooked by the activities. It bolted to one side then the other. The leader was thrown from the sheltered riders area onto the ground. A lantern fell from it’s perch and a fire quickly erupts further panicing the large lizard-like creature.

“Run! The wagon is out of control!” yells the running elf.

“But the people…..” Mania realises his mistake as the wagon groans and begins to topple over in a flaming heap. With no way to outrun it’s area of impact- Mania runs at full speed crouched over towards the inferno. He rolls between the short wheels coming out in a safe area. A thunderous crash sends sand and dust up briefly blinding him. The people inside are being killed by the flames and impact he thinks but can do nothing as suddenly he is struck down unconscience. An elf in brown robes stands over him. A mage of some sorts. His face is grim and has little promise of mercy.

“Hold Faerun!” yells Alderoan. “Without this human I may not have been able to open the door. He is not to be touched!”

“This is not our way. He has seen you. He should perish”

“Let the desert decide then….but leave him be.”

Thus three elves run off into the night. A burning husk of a wagon being dragged and whipped about by a frenzied small Mekillot into the sands of eternity. Mania, unconscience by magic, lays left for dead by an elven leader he thought he could trust. Left along with nothing or anyone but a silent black raven.


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That will be later. This takes place roughly 5-8 years before Freedom.

If you know Athas and Darksun well, you will see and possibly appreciate a few of the minor details I will show. Watch for special camero appearances by existing NPCs from the novels and accessories.
I will be doing a lot of foreshadowing and hint dropping also. I'm sure you suspect what "Bane" is and if so maybe even what Enigma is.
As for Mania, the current person I will be concentrating on, watch for him to develop also. He has little idea of whom he is but it appears some know.
I will be introdicing several new key players and places. Enigma and Bane being the first appearing in the prelude. The NPCs and PCs of my past gaming within Darksun will also be making special appearances eventually. Watch for Daina- she may create a war that could only be compared to the Defiler/Preserver war that grew into the Cleansing War.
I have mapped out and dated all important characters and events mentioned in the 13 novels, the core books, Dragon magazine articals and anything else that talked about Darksun. I pride myself in mantaining a true sense of time and how one event effects several other events.

Hope you and the others continue to enjoy the tale as it unfolds.


YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!, a darksun story hour and a well written one at that *add this to the other two story hours he regularly reads* :D
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Suldulin said:
YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!, a darksun story hour and a well written one at that *add this to the other two story hours he regularly reads* :D
Only two ? Get reading man !


I don't know Dark Sun that well, but I have read Freedom and a couple of other supplements. I'm sure I'll enjoy the story even if some of the foreshadowing flies above my head ;)


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“Dirty Dogg”

Dirty Dogg

It’s a simple straight forward name I picked up as a punk-kid on the streets of Nibenay. Growing up on the streets I came to the conclusion that no one cared. I had to learn to survive on instincts. I did okay for myself. 90% (to me ALL) of my earning went to the Guild of the Silent Hand. In return they taught me some basics in procurring goods for myself. As I grew older I tried to renegotiate the terms. I found a dagger in my back the next day by a hungry theif looking to rise up the ladder.

Left for dead I was found in an alley by Jocasta. She is the daughter of a small trade house that specializes in helping other houses. Her father, Greene, would rent out a caravan complete with guards to help another house move goods quickly or to aid in hostile terrain. Greene thinks of himself as a great explorer. I’m not sure about that but he a good guy.

“Hmmm…you don’t talk much do you bird?”

The black bird tilts it’s head and peers into the pointman’s eyes. It gives a sharp but quiet kaw.

“Hee….yeah- I know. I’m talking to a bird…out in the middle of nowhere. Worse, I’m talking about myself which I NEVER do. Anyhow…hrmmm?”

The human rogue stops his Crodlu. He looks out into the distance. He sees smoke in the distance- faint. The morning light just making it visible.

Putting a tethered jewel that is strung tightly to the back of his hand near his mouth the man known only as Dirty Dogg replies-

= I see smoke ahead. No free tribes here that I’m aware of. May be raiders. I’m looking into it =

“Breaks over bird- time to go to work.” He moves from the main trail into a parrell path about 500ft from it. Bad place here…many rock outcrops. Good place for an ambush with a small but skilled group.

He dismounts to move closer. Except for elves and halflings, few can match his stealth (so he thinks). He then sees a body. Signs of a fight are here. A man with a crushed in skull and an arrow lies dead about fifty feet away. Further away is another body. No sign of harm to him. See what else we got here.

Satisfied in his finding, Dirty Dogg alerts the caravan of his finding….

= …oh and Jocasta….we have a live one too. =


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Suldulin said:
YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!, a darksun story hour and a well written one at that *add this to the other two story hours he regularly reads* :D
Thankyou. I've never done anything quite like this so any constructive thoughts and/or critisms are welcome. I'm hoping to do 3-5 pages a week (about 3 entrees). Andy:)


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“First Impressions”

Feel weak…tired. Not sure what happened to me. I was speaking to Aldoroan…heard a voice…. I felt a sudden wave of tiredness and sleep overcome me. I was bewitched! Mania attempts to sit up quickly but can not. A dull pain claws it’s way up and down his back and throat. Ugh. Left for dead by elfs…how elven of them.

Mania’s eyes sting as he slowly opens them. The light coming in is deluted but still strong. A canvas covers his body. The sensation of moving is clear to him. Boxes surround him packing him in tightly. He feels some moisture by his side and finds a waterskin. The waterskin is made from a stomach but is clear and clean. He gags still on the first mouthful. How long was he out in the desert he wonders to himself. It is clear I am dehydrated and rescued by someone otherthan slavers. Very slowly and quietly he turns over and crawls to the front of the enclosed wagon. He peers through a tear to see where he is and whom the driver is.

The driver is….beautiful. Her hair is long and seemily floats on the air doing a gentle and graceful dance. It is a soft light brown. Her skin is smooth despite the sun exposure. He can see a bit of her shape through the lose satin-like gown she wears. She is talking to herself (okay- crazy but still a delight to look at). She talks to her raised hand as if it is a separate person.

“Yes, Dogg. I want to bring him into the holding area. I see no harm in that and if dad disagrees I will deal with him at that point. He is badly dehydrated and lucky I am a follower of water. He may have gone into the grey otherwise.”

“You’re the head of this group Jocasta…I’ll do what you say.” Answers her hand in clearly a male voice!


“Dogg- our guest is awake. Please let the others know we are taking a short break.” She turns towards him now. Her beauty grows. “How are you?”
Mania now sees she was talking into a crystal tied to her glove. Communication or scrying item…wonderful he thinks sarcastically. “I am known only as Mania. I was left for dead by elves at night. Where are we? What day is it?

“I am Jocasta Blewes. Currently I am running goods from Tyr to Nibenay for my father. In turn he gets a small amount of profit from the Shom trade house for doing this. We found you this morning. You were suffering from dehydration when Dogg found you. I gave you rite of passage on this caravan along with some water.”

“I am endebted to you Miss Blewes.” Mania trys to be as charming as possible. It seems to work as Jocasta blushes a moment before turning back to job on hand. Mania climbs skillfully around the wagon’s outside to her side. “No need to stop on my account.”

“Jocasta or Joe if it pleases you. No need to be formal.” She smiles but keeps looking forward. “Also with me are Dirty Dogg, my scout , Drunch and Fretti whom flank us and Kye whom is behind us.”

“Blewes….House of Blewes…I have heard of your father. Rumors really. He is truly respected and trusted by many houses not known for trusting others. What he does is so rare. Outsiders working as the entire caravan is otherwise unheard of.”

“Glad you have heard of him and respect him already. That rock cropping ahead of us marks Nibenay’s outer limits. We’ll be there within a few hours. I will have much to explain to my father when we arrive…with you.”


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“Nibenay: The city-state”


“This city rests in the center of Tyr Valley. It has natural resources that few other city-states enjoy. It has hot water springs and a forest that it shares with Gulg. It is built into the side of a large hill. It is well-known for it’s art also. Especially stone scultpures.”

“You really don’t know this do you Mania?”, asks Jocasta.

“Nope. Don’t remember a lot in truth.”

“We’ll need to work on that if you work for the House of Blewes. Accountability is important to my father and the persons that hire us. By the way, if any of the templars here see you looking at them as you have been you may bring a world of hurt and problems onto us and yourself. ”
“Sorry….just can’t get over how…exposed they are. Armor or least a robe would make sence.”

“True…but control yourself anyways.”

The walls to the city are amazing. Stone sculptures and reliefs line the bottom most section. The gate being entered is big enough for Mekillots and thus named as such. Tall solid statues of a robed man of obvious great importance line the gate entrance. The road becomes packed rock once inside the city limits. City guards watch the merchants enter and leave. Scantly clad women, the wives of Nibenay, the city’s templars stop each caravan to question and in many cases search it. Money is exchanged based on load size and mood of the templar involved. Ten foot tall ½ giants are rarely far away from a templar.
Humans, elves, dwarves, and a few halflings are seen in the merchant area. Most sales are done by bartering or in some cases through trade. Several merchants are seen with blue lips and teeth. A byproduct of eating Betel nuts found in the forest.
Overhead a flute player plays for the entering and leaving. The music is soft and calming. Perhaps a magical enchantment to avoid outbursts from impatient merchants in gridlock. He seems to be enjoying it all the more.

“Welcome to Sage’s Square Mania. Over to the left is where my father should be waiting for us. He knows you are with us so please behave yourself. You are officially a member of House of Blewes now and need to act as such. Stay here with the Inix. I’ll be back in a moment.”

This is incredible…even mind boggling thinks Mania. I wish I knew more. I feel like I should but can’t.

“Ahhh crap!” exclaims Mania. To his far right, he sees Aldoroan and two other elves. Why here and now?


Hey megamania,

Good story :)

I am also a fan of Dark Sun, although, I only discovered the world very late and never actually got to play in it yet. Naturally, I am hoping to change that in the future. I am afraid that because of my limited knowledge of Athas I will be unable to pick up your references to events that transpired in the novels (I have read none of the novels), but reading your story is enjoyable regardless. :)
Is this a campain you're running, or have run in the past, with acutaly Player Characters, or more a work of Fantasy/Fiction based on a campain you ran previously?

As for advice/tips/rants about the Story Hour itself, I'm always keen on anything dealing with Dark Sun, so keep up the Story. There is one trick you could try that I remember reading about from previous posts in similar 'How to write a Story Hour' threads, acutaly do your writing in Word or some sort of word processor program. After this is done and you've spell-checked it (or what-not) you can just cut and paste it to the message boards. This will let you keep an archive and help you avoid loosing any/all work should there be a problem with an attempted post.

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A-yup. I do type it up in word then bring over. Suppose I should spell-check it first. (too impatient I guess).

As far as the origin of the story-

This is based on untold/unplayed stories of key characters I created to do a Darksun Comic Book. The characters involved will eventually redefine Tyr valley and influence it forever. For good or bad remains to be seen.
Each of the "key" characters have exp/ sheets that I use and roll out results based on. As I can, I may take a few liberties with rolls to keep the sence of drama and action up.

The current spot lighted character is of course- Mania. He has a past that eludes him but is rushing up to grab him. Keep an eye out for Greene Blewes. He has a smaller but equally important part in this. Future characters I will hi-light include Dutch & Daina. He is something akin to a Kaisharga and she of a Avangion with an attitude. Dutch will be making an appearance eventually as he works for House of Blewes.

I am in the works of getting a new computer complete with a scanner. This means I will include artwork including the old stuff I did a few years ago of Bane and maybe even the original comicbook pages I did that were the prequel to this story's prequel (you know what I mean):)

Enjoy. (If you like this you may like my Killer in Kalidnay)


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“Greene Blewes”

A portly but strong enough looking man stands over several old cracking maps. He is looking at what appears to be a map of the Ringing Mountains just West of Tyr. A dazzle of light seems to appear in his eyes. He is extremely happy and a bit caught up in his map work when two people walk unannouced up the stairs.

“Father- what are you doing?”

“Hurmm? Oh. Oh! Dear child- Jocasta I had a most wonderful dream two nights ago. It came to me like it was searching for me. It was truly beautiful!” He peers back onto his map intently. “It most certainly must mean something!”

Dogg goes to a chair and plops down hard into it sinking into the feather filled cusions. He begins to rub his brow as if he had a terrible headache. “I’m sure it does Pops, I’m sure it does.”, Dogg answers wearily. He rolls his head back against the cusion towards Jocasta. “Tell him Joe.”

The child-like manner stops abruptly. Greene allows the map to recurl onto itself - “Joe..? what has happened?”

“We lost Terriz and Saidz to Gith raiders. They are becoming a problem again father. We need to speak to the templars about it again. One of the vile creatures showed knowledge of the arts”, Jocasta says trying to show authority and strength of mind but her heart wins out. She too looks saddened and sits. She runs her hands through her long hair and gives a long sigh.

“This is too bad, we will of course give their earnings and a little bit more to their familys. This will be the second son the Drench family has lost this year to the gith. It saddens me.” He looks down. “They are good workers and very good with animals but I ask you not to hire the last and youngest son- Tyron. It would break the parents to lose all three and mayhap- break me also.”

A few moments go by of which Greene’s fingers play with the map’s curled edges. “We will need to find a replacement worker or two. Maybe someone not of Nibenay or Raam. Someone I do not know his or her family well.

“A stranger father?” replys Jocasta

“Mayhap….but not just any stranger. We have a reputation to uphold.”

“Awww Joe….well done.” Thinks Dirty Dogg. Before climbing the stairs he knew she would try to hire the stranger…this Mania. He has bewitched you in a manner I am envious of” Dogg covers his face with a damp cloth found on the table to cover his troubled face and exposed emotions.

“Joe- look around for a few possible recruits. Have them go out with you and Dogg. Go Gith hunting. Test them for the qualities we need. Maybe take Dutch with you. He seems like hunting with you. Greene smirks at the look he recieves from her.

“Now, about my dream…..it begins with the power of flight….”

“now then….this could be fun…” thinks Dogg with his own smile hidden by the clothe.


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The perched black raven watched him from afar. The intermingled peoples of Sage Square seperated and gave him plenty of space. He was a mountain of a man. His walk was graceful and looked as if he could spring to the attack or evade at a moment’s notice. He was Dutch.

Dutch was the primary hunter and tracker for House of Blewes. Few matched his strength and wilderness cunning. Everyone respected him, even the Black sand Raiders. House Shom has tried to buy him off from Blewes several times but never succeeded. They knew better than to try to buy off Dutch himself. It was rumored that they once tried to hire Shadows to otherwise convince him of the error of his ways but were never heard from again.

He walked directly to the building owned by House of Blewes as if HE owned it. The veteran workers stood straight and tall for him in respect, the new workers out of fear.

“Greene.” He said simply as he reached the meeting room.

“Ah- Dutch my boy…you arrived early- as always. Welcome. Please sit and get a drink.” Offered Greene Blewes. As I’m sure you are aware of, we and other houses are having Gith problems. It is truly becoming a problem now. Though the templars say they have it under control, I thought we should do a little something extra.” With a childish grin on his face he quickly adds- “Are you up for hunting Gith?”

Not answering him directly the large man looks at the map on the table. Recognizing it for what it is he replys-“ Myth….only Myth.”

“But what if it’s not? If we could reopen the Trademan’s Road-“

Dutch interrupts quickly “Kalak.”

“Yes, there is Tyr and how close the road is to the Iron Mines but if we…-“

“Never happen so long as Kalak rules Tyr.” He takes a short shallow sip of the water. “It is too close to Kalak and his mines. The road is more myth than reality. No Greene- what ever you seek, you will need to find a different way…perhaps North or South of the Forest.”

Greene ponders his words…treating them as if spoken from a religious tome of old. “It can wait, there will always be Hope.”

“Why did you ask for me to come?”

“The gith hunt.”

Dutch looks at his friend of many years….”No. Jocasta can lead that easily. Why me?”

Greene gives a tight smile. “We are low on trustworthy aids. Jocasta has rounded up a few. I want you to go with them and observe them. One of them mainly. Strange fellow. Goes by the name of Mania. Dogg found him left for dead in the desert by Alaroan and his tribe.”

“Aloroan?” A dark shadow seems to crawl over Dutch’s face obscuring his eyes. “Either this Mania is very impressive or very lucky.”

“Perhaps both Dutch. This is why I called for you. Will you do it?”

Dutch nods his head slowly deep in thoughts of his past …and his future.


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“Post 011”

“So who is this guy anyway?” asks Mania louder than he ment to.

“One of my father’s best trackers and a powerful fighter. You would do well to watch and listen to him Mania.” Jocasta was growing weary of Mania’s constant complants and wrong conclusions. Perhaps, just perhaps, he was not all that special after all.

“You would do well to keep it quiet. If you anger Dutch he will swat your noisey head off, “ quips Dogg with a smirk that hid his true thoughts on the matter.

The three of them were bringing up the rear. Dutch was leading looking for tracks and trouble. There were also six decent warriors with them. They were on foot on Dutch’s request. The goal was to reach Templar Post 011 before high noon. After resting here and getting water and information they would go towards the forest where at least one Gith tribe traveled that was known to raid trade caravans occationally.

Nearing the post Dutch knew something was wrong. None of the others saw it or thought about it much. There was no sentries or templars…anywhere. He peered long and hard at the rock formations near their pathway and around the cacti and short dry pushes for trouble. He knew what it was. No raiders, not even the Black Sand Raiders, would venture this close to Nibenay except for the Blue Bones.

The Blue Bones were a small tribe of Gith that were very good at hunting and raiding. They got their names from how they painted bones with blue dyes and used them for decoration. They fetched a good ceramic piece or more on the market. People collected them for show and declaring rank vs the true value or art work of the bones.

As they entered the outer edge of the base he finally saw one. These creatures were pathetic to look at but very dangerous to fight. They looked like reptilian gaunt old elves with bad backs. However, this being hunched over was not a disability. No. They learned how to use their entire body to spring forward attacking their opponent then move onto the next. Sometimes moving onto new targets even as another switched targets. Only one way to be sure.….

Suddenly Dutch takes off to his right drawing both short swords out. A surprised Gith rises from the rocks hoping to throw it’s short spear but instead is hit once by Dutch.

Sudden activity erupts. Gith move from the rocks and bushes even as the inexperienced warriors and Mania charge towards them. Jocosta and Dogg hold back preparing to attack or do support as required.

Mania runs around the large rocks and is surprised by three Gith. One comes to him. He swings his whistling club until it thuds off the Gith’s head knocking blue and green painted bone chips into the air.
Jocosta wipes the sweat from her brow. She wipes it between her finger tips while murmuring a short but effective blessing spell.
The six caravan guardsmen try to stop the Gith from coming out of the rocks. They hoped to pin them in within their hiding spots. Two guards, Dee and Freg do down in a bloody mess. The Gith spears are crude and clumsy, as much a club as it is a spear, but still effective in their skilled hands.
Dutch begins to cut up his foe with his twin swords. First there was the initial strike catching the Gith unprepared for his speed then a blinding slash that nearly takes it’s head off. Instead it’s tortoise shell helmet cracks into three pieces. Even as the shell is breaking apart his follow through strike strikes deep and accurately. The Gith’s head remains attached only by the skin in the back. He looks at the two gith charging him in hops that carry them over rocks and short cacti. All he does is smile knowing the outcome already.
The Gith were unprepared for this battle. They were to stay here just in case any fleeing women returned. These humans were not the type to flee! Especially the big fast one. He was a demon with long claws. Still, two humans dropped quickly. Groofreeze will be happy.
Dogg continues to cover Jocosta. “I don’t see any more than the three to our right, the two before us and a few to the left behind the shrubs. Either Dutch is getting rusty or he wanted to get closer.”

“Arrrgh! Hold still you bobbing ugly piece of Kank crap!” Mania was frustrated. He couldn’t hit the gith anymore. It kept moving side to side and dunking and bobbing it’s upper body. Several swings skipped off it’s tortoise shell armor with no effect but to anger him.
Jocosta now wiped sweat from Dogg’s arm and with a strange motion flicked it towards a Gith looking to finish off Dee. A white sleek dog with silver teeth and claws appeared before the Gith surprising it.
One caravan warrior strikes the gith in the leg crippling it’s ability to jump away. The others miss trying to figure out how to strike the strange moving humaniods.
Dutch shows them how.
The two Gith next to the grinning Ranger come to terms that they will die shortly. Another human drops bringing a smile-like grin to a Gith near the cursing Mania.
Dogg continues to be sure that Jocosta is safe and there are no new surprises coming….unless they are his!

One gith begins to choke on it’s blood and teeth after Mania finally strikes it. He is beginning to get a sense of how the Gith move which is so alien to his own graceful movements.
Jocosta now castes a spell to create a shimmering club made of pure magical force. Just in time as a loud yelp is heard and for a brief moment, the white dog seems to burst inside out in red before returning to it’s home plane.
The caravan guards are hard pressed or need to move. Seeing a comrade going down and the white dog die they move to stop these two gith.
Dutch follows them over calling for Jocosta to tend to the injured.
One gith gets a lucky shot in on Dutch. The others miss their foes. The one fighting the black garbed stick fighter grows annoyed. The welp complains constantly but seems to be beginning to enjoy this fight!
Dogg trys to get a Gith through the bushes but it’s branches are too thick and his new position given up, he knows he must move and try again.

Mania spins low missing the hopping gith then strikes over his back in a dramatic shot that baffles the gith more than harms it. “Idiot human!” the gith gargles in broken common.
Jocasta seals one deep cut stopping it’s bleeding. “Dutch! We need to stop this immediately!” she screams out.
Inspired by the new reinforcements, Hetter strikes a gith hard with his long sword and it drops. The other warriors try what they can.
Dutch snarls and with a single swipe tears a wound from a gith’s upper thigh to it’s oppisite shoulder. It stares at him in disbelief as it’s vision darkens.
Narc, the gith fighting Mania is growing alarmed. This human is dancing with him…not fighting him! He can not hit him. The other two remaining gith know their fates when two more humans are led by the large fighter towards them. They wish to run but are boxed in by the rocks, bushes and the laughing human with Narc.
“I hate gith” is all Dirty Dogg can say as he trys to attack one but can not hit it, even though it has a serious injury.

Sensing his dramatic moment- Mania slams the gith powerfully breaking it’s skin open across it’s forehead. He rears back for the final strike….
Jocosta spits into the wound of a dieing man. A puff of steam or vapor comes forth as her divine healing magic begins to nit his wound together.
Spent completely, the caravan warriors go to a defensive posture.
Dutch however swings one sword out with his left arm. Two gith drop. His right sword stabs through the dazed gith fighting Mania dieing completely by surprise.
No more gith come.
Dogg scratches his head, then kicks one solidly. The sound of moving coins within it’s pouch delights his ears and he goes to looting the bodies.


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Time is spent burying the bodies and searching the area. Three templars and a mul warrior are found very dead further up the path. Dutch , Dogg and Jocosta discuss the events.

“This bodes ill for Nibenay. The Blue Bones are not big enough to overtake a templar post. They have new friends…powerful friends. There were about 25 gith originally from the desert. Another 25 from the forest. I see no other tracks which means their new friends are either flyers or more dangerous than the gith.”

“You mean a mage or psion Dutch?”

“Yes Jocosta, and I would wager several of them. You are quiet Dogg, speak your mind,” commands Dutch.

“This post is within two miles of Nibenay…one of the closest posts. How could the gith get this close…what of the other posts?”


“I can't believe he did that! The insufferable overblown butt end of an Inix!”

“cough cough….quiet young one. He will hear you. He is judging you…I am sure of that”

“Easy Dee…you mean well but you are still recovering,” offers a fellow warrior. “Mania, if you wish to remain with the House of Blewes you will need to stop the showboating attitude you have. Mr. Blewes may smile at it but business is business, he will fire you if it gets out of hand. The way you carry on about Dutch finishing off your gith is going to get you released. This I can promise you.”

“Don’t speak now, but here comes Dutch.”

Dogg and Mania. I want you to accompany me on a reconissance mission. We are going to Post 012 tonight. Jocosta and the others will return to nibenay to warn the templerate of the events here.

Dutch slaps a heavy and hard hand onto Mania’s shoulder bringing a wince of pain to his eyes. “Boy…you and I are going to need to depend on each other tonite…I assume I can count on you.” He gives a few leather crunching sqeezes them moves off. Mania’s fingers tingle for another ten seconds as he flexes them.

“Oh Lucky me.”