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DMs Guild Under Tresendar


New Publisher
It's been a while since someone cleaned out the lower level of Tresendar Manor. The mayor hired people to clean it out, so that new settlers can move in. Unfortunately, while you were out of town, the workers saw a beholder. The mayor wants you to go back, and make the manor safe.

An all new adventure set in Phandalin, and more than compatible with either boxed set, for levels 3-5.

Your purchase comes with a PDF and quite a few maps. The PDF features art from the 3d mapping tool I used to make all the maps, as well as the adventure, statblocks, and original magic items.

I hope you find it a a good addition to The Lost Mine of Phandelver or Dragon of Icespire Peak.



  • View from the Tunnel.png
    View from the Tunnel.png
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  • uneven passage perspective.png
    uneven passage perspective.png
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