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ZEITGEIST Undercover at the Convocation



We are quickly coming up to where the constables are going to be going undercover at the convocation. Now i cant find where this is located in the book but i am curious what solutions other DM's have come up with. There are 7 possible choices for OB Officers, however my group only has 3 players. What happens to the other 4 OB members? I am thinking of having Grappa/Leone erasing their memories of the encounter with the party and having them all be there and going on as if nothing happened.

What do you think?

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You could have the PCs research the Officers before they arrive, and pick the ones they want to bodysnatch. The others can either be left to proceed to the convocation, or arrested by the RHC off-screen. Though this may raise some suspicions.


I too have 3 players. I gave them short description of each officer at the start of the adventure (for the in media res scene) without explaining what's going on. Later, when it became relevant, the PCs researched the Ob officers and in effect learned what the players already knew from the start. They then took control over three Ob officers in secret, so the rest didn't notice. The whole group travelled to the island as planned. I played the other NPCs when it was relevant.

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