Updated Cortex Non-commercial license


On the Cortex Prime kickstarter page a new non-commercial license was announced. For people that didn't see/forgot, a license was originally last year that was not received well (it was overly restrictive and included sections that seemed like they were copied from open source software so it didn't really address a lot of uses for a TTRPG).

From the Kickstarter update
Click Here to Read the Non-Commercial Cortex Prime License [note from mcmillan this actually links to an FAQ, with the actual license linked at the beginning]

Summary of Major Changes

  • Clarified what you share with this license. (You maintain all ownership, you share expression of your rules with others who are also using this license, includes opt-in exemptions for expressions tied to your IP. Fandom does not own content made with this license.); FAQ includes best practices for crediting works when used in this fashion.
  • Revised clause on distribution to allow those creating with this license to distribute on platforms that don’t have T&C that otherwise violate this license, specifically includes Itch.io as an approved non-commercial distribution channel.
  • Clarified what this license does NOT apply to (e.g. Content made solely for fun / entertainment purposes, content made to be sold / for commercial purposes)
  • Clarification on tip jars / patreons / pay-what-you-want and similar practices.

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