Using ChatGPT to spice up campaign notes.


This was for Pendragon. (Spoiler for the first part of the Great Pendragon Campaign)

Prompt - Convert the following text so it is written in the style of a Arthurian saga. The Perin, Dervil and Derfan as squires are put through their paces by Sir Elad before being given a mission to visit the village of Imber, where the farmers are being menaced by a large bear. After defeating the Beast of Imber they celebrate in the village. Sir Perin sleeps with a farmer’s wife Rhoswen, and fathers a child. Sir Derfarn sleeps with the serving maid Cothi who later dies in childbirth giving birth to the bastard Blaidd. Sir Dervil remains chaste. On returning to Salisbury they are knighted by Earl Roderick. At court Sir Perin first catches the eye of Lady Riona, the unwed sister of Sir Conlao and Irish household knight.

Response by ChatGPT:
"And so it came to pass that the three young squires, Perin, Dervil, and Derfan, were put to the test by the renowned knight Sir Elad. With courage in their hearts and determination in their eyes, they underwent the trials and tribulations of knighthood, honing their skills and preparing for their first great quest.

And that quest they did undertake, as they journeyed to the village of Imber, where a fearsome bear terrorized the farmers and threatened the very livelihood of the people. With their swords at the ready, the three squires set out to face the beast, determined to prove themselves as knights of valor and renown.

In the end, it was the bravery and skill of Perin, Derfarn, and Dervil that proved to be the undoing of the beast. They emerged victorious, and the people of Imber celebrated their bravery with great joy and revelry.

But their adventures did not end there, for in the revels that followed, the young knights found themselves tested in new ways. While Dervil remained steadfast in his chastity, Perin and Derfarn both gave in to temptation and took lovers among the women of the village. And from these unions came children, born of noble knights and common women, born of both glory and scandal.

Returning to Salisbury, the three young knights were knighted by Earl Roderick and welcomed into the court of Camelot, where they quickly caught the attention of the powerful and the beautiful. Sir Perin, in particular, caught the eye of Lady Riona, the unwed sister of Sir Conlao, and so began a tale of love, war, and adventure that would echo throughout the halls of Camelot for years to come."

I particularly like how it decided to drop the names of the commoners, and what happened to them.

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Shared this on the Pendragon Facebook group and someone used the same prompt to produce the following fun alternatives.

Trashy tabloid style:
The Perin, Dervil, and Derfan's wild adventure in Imber village will leave you stunned! These so-called "squires" were put through their paces by Sir Elad, but what they got up to after their mission is a tale for the ages.

These knights went from heroes to headlines when they took down the terrifying "Beast of Imber." But the real shocker came when Sir Perin slept with a married farmer's wife, Rhoswen, and got her pregnant! And if that wasn't enough, Sir Derfarn had a steamy fling with a serving maid, Cothi, that ended tragically when she died in childbirth.

But the biggest shock of all? Sir Dervil, the supposed "good knight," managed to remain chaste! (We know, what a buzzkill!)

These knights' wild ways didn't go unnoticed. They were knighted by Earl Roderick upon returning to Salisbury, but the drama didn't stop there. Sir Perin caught the eye of Lady Riona, the sister of a high-ranking household knight, Sir Conlao.

You won't believe what happens next! Stay tuned for more juicy details on this must-read scandal.

lecture by a Catholic Nun teaching high schoolers:
"Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to take a moment to reflect upon the actions of Sir Perin, Sir Dervil, and Sir Derfarn as squires. These young men were put through their trials by Sir Elad before being given a most important mission to visit the village of Imber. There, the farmers were in grave danger from a ferocious bear, but with bravery and determination, the squires were able to defeat the beast.

However, in the aftermath of their triumph, the squires strayed from the path of righteousness. Sir Perin committed a grave sin by engaging in immoral conduct with the wife of a farmer, resulting in the conception of a child. Sir Derfarn also engaged in such behavior with a serving maid, leading to her untimely death in childbirth and the birth of a bastard child.

On the other hand, I am pleased to report that Sir Dervil demonstrated exemplary behavior by remaining chaste and upholding the principles of moral conduct.

The squires were eventually knighted by Earl Roderick upon their return to Salisbury, but that does not excuse their previous transgressions. It is imperative that we hold ourselves to the highest standards of moral conduct, especially those in positions of honor and leadership.

In conclusion, I urge all of you to reflect upon the actions of Sir Perin, Sir Dervil, and Sir Derfarn, and strive to make choices that align with the teachings of the Catholic Church. May God guide us all on the path to righteousness."

In days of old, when knights were bold, 'twas told of three young squires, The Perin, Dervil, and Derfan, who were tested by their sire.

Sir Elad did put them through their paces, then did give a quest, To visit the fair village of Imber, where a bear did terrorize the rest.

The three young knights did prove their might, and with their swords did slay, The Beast of Imber, fierce and bright, and cheered on by the villagers all day.

In Imber did they hold a feast, and make much merry noise, But of the three, Sir Perin at least, did seek a farmer's comely spouse.

With Rhoswen, fair and bold, he lay, and from their union, a child was born. Sir Derfarn too, did find his way, to Cothi, a serving maid forlorn.
But alas, poor Cothi did depart, in childbed she did die, Leaving behind a bastard heart, the child Blaidd, who lived with a sigh.

Sir Dervil, chaste and true, did abstain, from women's wily ways, And when to Salisbury they did gain, by Earl Roderick, they were knighted with praise.

At court, Sir Perin did espie, a fair lady, Riona bright, Unwed sister of Sir Conlao, a household knight of Irish might.

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