ZEITGEIST Using Miniatures for Zeitgeist Campaigns

Hi fellow DMs of Zeitgeist, after sharing this photo on Facebook and the Discord chat, I was encouraged to share it here as well. Finding miniatures perfect for Zeitgeist can be difficult sometimes, so I want to share some links for minis lines and custom miniatures that come close.

I've been creating miniatures for 3D printing using the Hero Forge online site Hero Forge Custom Miniatures, and earlier I used it for creating tokens for the campaign in Roll20 when my game had no in-person sessions.

My latest project, creating a group of Beran soldiers to use in Adventure 6, Revelations from the Mouth of a Madman. I've used each of the major races from Ber (excluding kobolds because they don't exist :p). Each soldier has slight differences in uniform to fit with the philosophy of diversity and Panoply.
If you want to purchase or modify these models for yourself, I'm posting the individual links to the Heroforge builds below:

Pedresco Orc Charging
Posing Beran Minotaur Sergeant
Lizardfolk Beran Loading
Fancy Beran Goliath Soldier
Beran Dragonborn Cowboy
Beran Gnoll Scout

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