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5E Vast Kaviya: Primordial Sword and Sorcery for D&D 5E

Mike Myler

Advanced Fifth Edition: https://www.levelup5e.com/
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This super massive world of primal struggle is a campaign setting and bestiary (21 areas with 100+ statblocks) for D&D 5th Edition. Within are 20 different warlords all with their own lairs, minions, and guidelines for how they interact with one another, giving GMs a new toolbox of NPCs and unique areas to either include in a homebrew fantasy setting for some old school sword and sorcery, or to gradually discover using the book's Exploration Rules! There are 13 major tenets about the world that are true no matter where one travels however—for more details on those check out VastKaviya.com or the free 40 page primer PDF!

In addition to what's in the core D&D 5th Edition rules Vast Kaviya has a variety of new character options for the brave souls that strike out across its countless lands.
🎲 New Races! Joining classics like boggards, gnolls, and mongrelfolk* are the plant-like alai, insectile kanca, parasitic ottunni, and saurian taino-kar*. There's also new subraces for aasimar (elated, soul, and vindico) as well as genasi (acid, ash, mist, and mud), dwarves (mistdweorg), and halflings (mistling).​
🎲 New Class Archetypes! Path of the Psion-Primal barbarians, Lunar clerics, Burning druids, Primal Leader fighters, Pyrokine monks, Oath of Web paladins, Primal Hunter rangers, Savage Poisoner rogues, Animator sorcerers, Dreamer sorcerers, and two new warlock patrons (the Grandmother and Hivemind*).​
🎲 New Classes! The dual-natured agile warrior gemini class appears here with the atavist, equalist, and reluctant hero balances, and it's got a new archetype that revolves around day and night—the nychthemeron. If you've always wanted to tame a simple-minded creature to go on adventures with (be that an aberration, beast, dragon, monstrosity, or ooze of Intelligence 5 or less), look no further than the monster tamer class! There are also four unique 8 level prestige classes: elementalists that ultimately transform into their chosen element, fractured soul shapeshifters with nuanced control over their bodies, magic-eaters that become tougher and more lethal by rejecting all things supernatural, and primal shamans that unlock primitive psionic powers.​
🎲 New Options! Discover who your Amnesiac background adventurer truly is, gain control over slivers of magic using naturally occurring raw mana, or take a feat to embrace your mistdweorg ancestors or the illumination granted by the underground City of Lost's potent Sun Stone—or set your sights on stealing the legendary gemstone!​

The Vast Kaviya Campaign Setting is on offer as a PDF, softcover, or hardcover, and the GameOnTabletop project also has a VTT Map Pack, a bi-fold GM screen, and an Adventurer's Handbook that includes all the need-to-know information for players without giving away those sweet GM details.

Check out the GameOnTabletop project page, download the free 40 page primer PDF, and pledge to get your copy of Vast Kaviya!
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