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Release Vault of Magic for 5th Edition (FG VTT)


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New Release
Vault of Magic for 5th Edition
Kobold Press

Inside Vault of Magic, you'll find a vast treasure trove of enchanted items of every imaginable use--more than 950 unique items in all! The heaps of armors, weapons, potions, rings, and wands are just for starters. From mirrors to masks, edibles to earrings, and lanterns to lockets, it's all here, ready for your 5th Edition game.

This digital compendium includes:
*More than 25 unique items designed by special guests, including Luke Gygax, Patrick Rothfuss, Gail Simone, and Deborah Ann Woll
*Fabled items that grow in power as characters rise in levels
*New item themes, such as monster-inspired, clockwork, and apprentice wizards
*Item sets that power up if worn together
*Hundreds of full-color illustrations
*Complete treasure-generation tables sorted by rarity
*Over 1,200 fully modeled items (base + variants) for immediate use in your games

Amaze and delight your players and spice up your 5th Edition campaign with fresh, new enchanted items from Vault of Magic. It'll turn that next treasure hoard into something . . . wondrous!


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