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Rye Alboa


These beautiful physical (and digital) books include a framework of rules to create your own spells with our unique magic creation system. A system we call: Alboian Magic! This new system fits with existing spellcasting classes, magic items & an incredible collection of new deadly creatures!

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Magical power and mystic secrets adhere to the laws of the Arcane. For those who understand them, nothing is beyond their reach… but coveted by even the greatest magical powers is the mystic grimoire known as the CODEX ARCANA! Uncover a unique magic and spell creation system for use with 5th Edition and other TTRPG’s.

Replace Vancian Magic and derivative Spell Points with a new magic system that enables characters to customise existing spells, create bespoke magical effects and integrates with your existing TTRPG spellcasting classes!


CODEX ARCANA gives you access to the ‘Alboian Magic system’, a unique TTRPG magic creation system designed to enable players and Game Masters alike to construct bespoke spells for their casters and empower users with the ability to tailor existing conjurations as needed to suit the challenges ahead.

We created a TTRPG magic system suitable for existing arcane and divine spell casting classes that gives both players and Game Masters a new story telling edge. Next we drafted over 1,000 unique magical effects and spell descriptions to enable new in game solutions for our favourite existing game classes and widen the storytelling possibilities of our in-game adventures. Next we began playtesting the ‘Alboian Magic System’ in every TTRPG we were playing, this has enabled us to balance our early in-game options and will help us align class specific options and to tailor our larger magical effects as we continue our playtesting to the end of the year.

Our playtests have found our ‘Alboian Magic System’ can be incorporated into a variety of existing TTRPG’s (such as 5e, 5e.2, PF1&2, ShadowDark and more), all because this magic system uses the value of a characters primary spellcasting ability as a resource to drive a spells magical power and allows GM’s to alter a spells bespoke cost. We then use a players 'spell crafting techniques' to ‘off-set’ any excess costs incurred for the spell, with a player characters remaining overflow carrying potentially lethal side effect for channelling the magical energies of the universe.

Join us as we create something new in the games we love!

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This amazing campaign runs through July to Saturday, 3rd August 2024 (3:00PM BST). We hope you'll share the word with your friends, animal companions, familiars and more!

Inside the pages of CODEX ARCANA you will find:
  • A unique magic & spell casting system, with over 1,000+ magical spell effects (and more added as we go!);
  • The ability to adapt existing spells and create new magical effects at a moments notice;
  • Create Overcharge spells;
  • Manage Fail-Forwards spell success;
  • Rules for Magical Blights;
  • Amazing artwork and creative content from up and coming creators; and
  • More... much more!
All shared and linked on our Kickstarter page!

It would be great if you could join us on our next Kickstarter adventure! Cheers ~Rye.

Check us out here:


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