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D&D 5E Very Unique Houserules?

Interesting tools for a good DM, terrifying weapons in the hands of a bad one.
Of course a bad DM does not need houserules to use as weapons: they can just just the game or anything else.

Yeah, those rules could be very easily abused to let the DM impose their view of how characters should be played.
It's more about how a player role plays their characters faith. A lot of bad players cherry pick a faith for abilities or spells...and then act like their normal murderhobo crazy "themselves as the character". In my game you can't be a cleric of peace and then slaughter every creature you meet, for example.

But, again, good smart clever players can still "play on the edges". They can make the case for something, even go as far as to found a 'branch' of the faith and even role play that.

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