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Coming Virtual D&D Weekends Jan 21-23, 2022 (FG tables)

Fantasy Grounds

SmiteWorks USA LLC.
Virtual D&D Weekends
January 21-23

Come celebrate as we blast into 2022 and help celebrate the 15th event!!!!! January 21st to 23rd, a huge weekend celebration of D&D games, friends, hanging out, and other exciting surprises that will continue to repeat each month. The newest released seasonal content, epics, special events, and brand new campaign content from the D&D Adventurers League (AL) as well as non-AL content and even older editions of D&D games will be available as our program grows and evolves. All available from the comfort of your own home, no mask required.

Important Dates/Times
Registration is set to open on Jan 14th at Noon EST (GMT -5)
All events times are in Eastern Standard Time (GMT -5)
The last day for refunds is Jan 19th by 8 PM EST (GMT -5). All ticket sales after this point are final (we can work with you to move or exchange tickets but no guarantees).

Fantasy Grounds Tables are Filling up Fast

jan dnd weekend.jpg

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