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Virtual Happy Hour (Brew Pics and Reviews)

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Only one pumpkin left to try this season. And then a whole lot of both standard things and really froofy things.

Froofy things? If it's what I think.



Woke up with blood in my alcohol stream. Summer temperature.


Ran out of beer.


Not a massive fan of cider but hot day this one's not to bad kinda like it. NZs oldest cidery apparently.


The beer isn't going away at least....

Bloomberg Article on the "Last Call for Cheap Beer" https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-10-29/it-s-last-call-for-cheap-beer

Being a giant farm don't think we'll have to many shortages of ingredients. And we're not having the same logistics problems, truck drivers get paid reasonably well here.

Aluminium could be a thing but if only one could buy beer in glass bottles if such a thing is possible.

They sell beer in crates here, reuse the bottles. 9 litres of beer approx.

Don't wanna drink that brand but if things get that bad......

NZ refrigerator. Tie a rope to a crate and throw it in a river/lake.


Speights Summit Ale.


Waitress brought me the wrong drink as someone had changed the keg without telling her. 6/10 slight bitter and watery. Decent as far as Speights goes.

Emerson's Pale Ale


Much better 7.5/10.


Last pumpkin of the year.

Voodoo Ranger Atomic Pumpkin by New Belgium Brewing. "Pumpkin Ale featuring featuring cinnamon and habanero chili for just the right amount of heat.'

The foam on top was scary spicy. The beer is definitely just a sipping one but I can see it on a cold day. 86=Very Good, 3.82 on beer advocate. I guess I'd say "Solid Pumpkin Choice" but you need to be ready for it.


Updated Pumpkin Beer Tier List

My Favorites:

Southern Tier Warlock (90/4.03)
King Don's Pumpkin Ale by Catawba (86/3.86)

Solid Pumpkin Choice:
Sycamore Pumpkin Latte Blonde (NR/4.17)
Elysian Great Pumpkin (92/4.15)
Southern Tier Pumking (92/4.13)
Great Divide Pumpkin Spice Yeti (89/4.11)
Southern Tier Pumking Nitro (89/4.05)
Elysian Night Owl (89/3.97)
Voodoo Ranger Atomic Pumpkin by New Belgium (86/3.82)
Kentucky Pumpkin Barrel Ale (84/3.73)

Elysian Dark O' The Moon (88/3.96)
Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin Ale (88/3.92)
UFO Journey to Planet Pumpkin! (-/-)

Elysian Punkuccino (92/4.17)
Gordgeous by NoDa (88/3.96)
Dogfish Head Punkin Ale (88/3.95)
Samuel Adams Jack-O Pumpkin Ale (75/3.19)
Shipyard Pumpkinhead Ale (70/3.03)

No Rating (IPA):
Kickin' Knowledge Milkshake Pumpkin by Barrier Brewing (89/4.17)


6 hours or so of a scout troop service project seems a good excuse for a beer on return home.

DuClaw's The PastryArchy Naked Fish - Chocolate Raspberry Stout. If you told someone to make a beer that tastes like a dark chocolate raspberry truffle, I'm not sure it would be possible to come any closer. I think it would be spectacular as one among several small glasses of dessert stouts in a flight (much like a box of mixed candies). A big can is a lot to have... but I certainly drank it all :)

80=Good, 3.81/5 on Beer Advocate. 7.6% ABV.



I did buy some ber this week though. Mr original got some APA's.

Can looked cool. Sucker for a pretty can that's how I got that crap Norwegian beer.


The I need to clean the kitchen posts.


Mac's interstate APA 5%.

Not as nice as recent APAs such as Good George or Emerson's but it's a Marco run and a lot cheaper ($13 NZD vs $20) a 6 pack. Faint hop taste slight bitter taste.

Wasn't expecting miracles 6/10 by APA standards but at that price I'll be generous and add a point 7/10.

Prime example of you get what you pay for. Perfectly drinkable. Prefer the local ones or Russian one at similar price but similar quality to Good George/Emerson's.

Reminds me of that Stokes APA/IPA.
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If the ABVs weren't all the same it would be a hoot if they were all actually the same IPA in different cans.

Yeah I suspect a couple of them are discontinued brews in a new can.

APAs and IPAs popular here. Stuff like you post have to go to the bigger supermarkets and pay through the nose for them.


Tip ten over rated beers here. Three of them are IPAs. So many IPAs now. I don't mind the hazy ones but find APAs are smoother.

Had two more of those hazy mango/peach APAs tonight. $7 usd for both at bar prices for a pint each not to bad.


Found an old favorite. Post Covid it's been hard to find.

$3.50 NZD for a 440ml bottle. I've found better but they cost a lot more.

Gorkovskaya APA 5.5 ABV.

Not as fruity as an NZ Hazy APA but half the price. Better than our cheap APAs and better than a few of the hipster ones as well.

3.8 on BA.

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