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Bigass bottle of Barvaria 680mla. Cider bottle for scale. Dutch beer. Think they make 8.6 as well.


Bavaria 5% pale lager.

Big bottle on special for about $1.80 usd. Been a long time since I've had one of these.

Was expecting a Heineken (6/10) or Steinlager (NZ generic meh lager).

Pleasantly surprised nice malted flavour. Not sweet like 8.6 Gold. Easy enough to drink. Wasn't great or anything just an above average lager for me. 7.5/10.

70 on BA.



World Court Pumpkin Spice Stout by Legal Remedy was recognizable from their Mocha Blonde Stout. It began as definitely a solid pumpkin choice, but the pumpkin waivered at the end.

Steel Hands Pumpkin Spice Ale ... I doubt one could put any more spice in it. I'm not sure how to describe it - the taste was sparkling with cinnamon (it was nothing like an ice cream, but the cinnamon effect was like Turkey Hill's pumpkin ice cream... I think it works for that) . It was drinkable, but I can't recommend it as a solid pumpkin choice.

Neither seems to have a Beer Advocate rating.
Yea, BA can be slow..



Good George 0'George Stout 5%


Not alot to say. Tastes like what I would expect. A bit weaker on the flavour perhaps as I normally go for stronger stout 6%+ or imperial stout.
It's nice enough so a 7 I suppose.

Beautiful spring night and the bar taps are calling to me. Good George NZ craft beer one of mah favorites not local as such.

Good George APA beer 6.2%
Great beer probably reviewed it before right here right now 8 almost an 8.5.

.And final beer 5% hazy pilsner.


Had to more or less bottoms up that one. Went down easy enough 8/10 imho. Don't mind a good hazy or hoppy pilsner at all.
3 beers over the bar that's alot for me these days.

Exchange rate is crap. Beers were around $2.60-2.80 USD over the bar.
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Revisiting Fuller's London Porter. I wonder if the bottle I had in April 2021 was old or bad - I remarked at the time it has a strong fruit-ish taste. That one was nowhere near the Beer Advocate 93=Outstanding (4.18/5). This time coffee was dominant, with a hint of the other flavors - maybe not outstanding, but I can now see why someone would think so.


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