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VoxStory - Cinematic way to experience fantasy tabletop roleplay


First Post
Hello Everyone!

We are currently working on and developing an exciting new RPG!

VoxStory is the cinematic way to experience tabletop roleplaying. Keeping all of your favourite aspects of TTRPGs and bringing them to the big screen, this is the modern way to enjoy roleplaying.

VoxStory remains true to the tabletop style of gaming, the roll of the dice determines your actions, the Gamemaster will still set the story, atmosphere and scene, but with VoxStory you won’t just have to imagine it, you’ll be able to watch it like your very own movie.

With world creation, the possibilities are endless, you can customise every aspect of your world or use a pre-populated world if you’re short of time. Players can join your world with their own custom characters, gather round, connect to a large screen, such as a TV, and watch your adventure play out.

For more information head over to the website and sign up to the beta, and if you do, you will also be with a chance to win a free copy of the game!

VoxStory - A New Way to Experience Fantasy Roleplaying

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