[VtR] [PbP] Born into Darkness - Character Thread


This is the under construction character thread for the VtR: Born into Darkness thread.

This will mostly be a bookkeeping thread. I'll keep a master list of character sheets at the top, people can post changes and so forth below that.

Combat Tracker

PS We could use an 'other' category for this forum. (or a WoD one I suppose)
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Dramatus Persona (or however you spell it)

Ash Dropped out may return in the future.
James disappeared

LB -- Prince of the City
Giselle -- The Prince's Childe
Blackcoat -- The Prince's Childe; Sheriff

Nice -- Blackcoat's Deputy
Raghunandan (AKA Reggie) -- The princes "bodyguard"

Oscar/Viper -- a Nosferatu Neonate

Lord Scarman -- an Invictus with a very impressive sounding title, Archer's "Mentor"

Celeste -- "Harpy" -- Archer's Sire (currently wanted by the prince)

Luciano -- Don
Brodi -- Don
Sicko -- Don

Snicker -- Soldier
Gorilla -- Soldier

William Jefferson

Frank -- Celeste's Ghoul"
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Preditor's Taint Tracker

A list of people your characters can say "Hey! I've frenzied at you before!" to.
(Question marks are because I can't remember whether seeing someone with obfuscate ** up means that you never check for frenzy later....)

ALL PCS: Other Players, Nice, Oscar, LB, Giselle, Blackcoat

Celeste, Raghunandan, Scarman[/sblock]


Raghunandan, [/sblock]

Celeste, Raghunandan, Charity[/sblock]

Vanderchild, Sucker, Gorilla, Snicker[/sblock]

BLOOD BOUND to Celeste[/sblock]

* Constance?[/sblock]

* LB

* Vanderchild?[/sblock]

Sucker * to Diego (confirming he's Nosferatu)[/sblock]
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+Biggs (Warshrike)

Name: Biggs
Concept: Ex-Marine Vampire Hunter

Surprise/Perception ****
Resist Frenzy*** Initiative: ***** *
Defense: ** Speed: ***** ***** *
Weakness: 10-again rule does not apply to dice pools based on Intelligence and Wits Attributes AND and any 1’s that come up on a roll subtract from successes (does not apply to dice pools involving perception or reaction to surprise (WoD 151), or to the Resolve Attribute

[sblock=key pools]
Read a scene Manip+Empathy *****
Notice Activity/Wake during the day (Wits) **

Remember (Int +Comp) ****

At 5' 4", Biggs isn't the most intimidating sight on the streets. That said, he doesn't get harassed by the street scum either. With his customary camo pants, combat boots, long black leather overcoat, and crew cut, people tend to think he's either a skinhead or one of those gun worshiping revolutionary wackos. He has an calm and alert demeanor, and an inquisitive gaze that puts people at ease, yet informs them that he's always ready for whatever may come.

Biggs was an average youth, born into a military family, all he wanted growing up was to serve his country and do his part, as had his parents and older brother. He enlisted at age 19, but was assigned to the Army Reserve. Life went on for him, while he waited for a chance to prove himself. It took a few years, but eventually the Gulf War broke out and he was shipped off to the middle-east, and transfered into a Marine unit.

One day, his squad was reported missing, not having returned from a night-time wide patrol duty. He was found beaten to within an inch of his life, left for dead, and the sole survivor of a massacre. When he'd been nursed back to consciousness, all he could do was rave about comming across a man in the dark, and of claws and teeth that tore his squad apart. The military concluded that the shock of surviving what had to have been an enemy ambush, and watching his friends die horribly must have been too much for him, and he just lost it. Rather than letting this turn into a media circus and having people back home wondering what kinds of drugs the soldiers were using over here, Biggs was honorably discharged, with a light compensation. As far as the military was concerned, the matter was filed and forgotten.

But for Biggs, it was like being reborn. He knew what he'd seen and knew what he had to do. He had to protect his countrymen from this threat. As a youth, he'd been obsessed with the military, so his knowledge of the horror genre was almost non-existent. Now that he knew vampires were real, he had to admit to himself that the other so called classic monsters might also. So began his schooling. He went to see every horror movie he could, and rented every B movie and classic horror video he could find. This wasn't entertainment, these were training ops. These lessons were often contradictory, and he had to find out what actually worked first hand. Of the few vamps he dusted over the next few months, he learned that garlic was useless, crosses were pretty iffy, silver only seemed to affect one vamp, so he had to wonder if it even had been a vampire. His sawed-off shotgun and 9mm automatic succeeded in bringing his foes down, eventually, but it was a long process. Then some more recent films suggested decapitation. He rather liked the idea as it worked for every other living thing that he knew of.

An axe would be too unwieldy and difficult to conceal. Thus began a new chapter of his mission, researching fantasy and martial arts movies. He was instantly bored with modern films. Everything was special effects and bull****. The movies made it look like the protagonists knew what they were doing with those swords, but he knew better. He was fascinated with the old black and white oriental movies depicting ninjas and samurai. Here were people who seemed to know what they were doing, and if some old folks in bronze pajamas could do it, why couldn't he? He settled on the Katana/Wakizashi combo. Although using both at once was very difficult, slowly but surely, his skill improved. He didn't always use them in tandem, but he had to if he ever expected to get really good at it.

Now, at 28 years of age, the mission continues. He's a Street-Samurai on the prowl, looking for his next victim, hoping he can one day purge the vampire menace from this city.

[SBLOCK=Game Stats]
Ex-Marine Vampire Hunter

Clan: Gangrel
Attribute: Stamina
Disciplines: Animalism, Protean, Resilliance
Virtue: Justice
Vice: Wrath
Health: ******** (8)
Defense: ** (2)
Size: ***** (5)
Speed: *********** (11)
Inits: ****** (6)
Willpower: **** (4)

Ambidextrous ***
Fast Reflexes *
Fighting Style, Two Weapons **
Quick Draw * (Melee)


STR: ***
DEX: ***
STA: ***

INT: **
WIT: **
RES: **

PRES: **
MANI: ***
COMP: **




[/SBLOCK]Vampire attribute bump is stamina.
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+Diego (OnlyTheStrong's character)

Name: Diego
Concept: Budding thief

Perception ***** *
Resist Frenzy/Persuasion ***** Initiative: ***** **
Defense: *** Speed: ***** ***** ***
Weakness: 10-again rule does not apply to social dice pools based on Presence and Manipulation Attributes AND and any 1’s that come up on these rolls subtract from successes (does not apply to dice pools involving the Intimidation skill or to the Composure Attribute)

[sblock=key pools]
Wake during the day (Wits) ***
Remember (int + comp) *****

Lockingpicking ***** **** (with spec)
Notice Alarms Wits + Larc ***** **

Touch of Shadow Wits *** + Larceny**** + Ob * = ***** ***

Monstrous Countenance Pres* + Intim + Night** = *** (vs Comp + BP)
Dread Mani** + Empathy + Night** = **** (vs Comp + BP)

Diego loves a good challenge, whether it’s a fight or some kind of compound that he thinks he can sneak into. Because of this, he has been in jail twice over the last 5 years of his life. He always seems to get off for good behavior, as he knows when to stop pressing his luck. He has a rather twisted sense of honor. Respect is a huge issue for him. He usually shows people respect as long as they return the favor.

Diego stands 6’1’’ and weighs approximately 180lbs. He’s not a muscle-bound guy, but still manages to have some definition to his body. He has darkly tanned skin, black hair, and brown eyes. He typically wears some well worn combat boots, black jeans, a Metallica t-shirt, and a long black duster. Most people simply assume he’s some sort of goth, which is fine with him.

Diego’s parents were average. His dad was in jail for armed robbery, and his mother worked 2 jobs to try to get Diego and his 2 sisters through life. At times, life was rough. Diego began shoplifting and stealing whenever he could so that he could help feed his sisters. He didn’t get caught until he was 16. Apparently, people frown upon a 16 year old kid stealing a $300 bottle of scotch. Diego spent a year on probation, which did nothing. He continued stealing when he could, even got bold enough to start breaking into things. He never did houses. He got caught breaking into a Porsche. It was his first time and honestly had no idea what he was doing. He spent the next year in jail.

Diego was released when he was 17, almost 18 and almost immediately got caught stealing again. His own friend turned him in. Diego had pulled off a great job, breaking into a bank. He took over $250,000 (which was all he could carry) and had escaped before the police had arrived. He had learned enough to keep his head down, preventing the cameras from getting a decent look at his face. He had even managed through a bit of luck to prevent the alarm from going off immediately.

He was lucky though, he was a minor. He got sentenced to 15 years still, but was deemed worthy to be let out after only 3 years. He returned to his mom’s house. No one was there. It looked like they had left it a long time ago. Diego simply shrugged it off and went on. He needed to find some place where he could stay, but first he needed money. Diego wrapped his jacket tightly about his and moved on. [/sblock]

[sblock=Character Sheet]

Virtue: Charity
Vice: Gluttony






Athletics** (specialty footchase)
Larceny**** (specialty Lockpicking)

Streetwise*** (specialty Black-market)

Fleet of Foot **
Fighting Finesse **


Size: 5
Defense: 3
Initiative: 7
Speed: 13

Health: *******

Humanity: 7
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Judas +Archer (Festy_Dog)

Name: Judas Archer
Concept: 'Warrior scholar businessman'

Perception/Surprise ***** *
Resist Frenzy***** Initiative: ***** or ***** ** with gun in hand)
Defense: ** Speed: ***** ****
Weakness: take an additional point of aggravated damage from sunlight and fire

[sblock=Key pools]
See through Obfuscate (Wits + Invest + Auspex) ***** ****
Shoot guns ** ** + equipment mod
Read a scene (Manip + Empathy) *****
Listening in without showing it (in situations where something is comfortably within aural range) (Wits + Subterfuge) ***** *

Notice activity/wake during the day (Wits + Aus) ***** *
Remembering something ***** *

Read Aura (Int+Emp+Ausp) ***** ** (- target's comp)


Name: Judas Archer
Apparent Age: Thirties
Virtue/Vice: Temperance/ Apathy
Clan/Covenant: Mekhet/ Invictus
Willpower: 00000
Blood Potency: o
Humanity: ooooo
Blood Pool: ?/10
Defense: 2
Health: 0000000
Initiative: 5
Speed: 9
Unspent XP: 1

Mental: Intelligence ooo , Wits oooo , Resolve oo
Physical: Strength oo , Dexterity oo , Stamina oo
Social: Presense o , Manipulation ooo , Composure ooo


Mental: Academics (research) ooo , Craft o, Computer o , Investigation (enigmas)ooo , Occult oo , Politics (conflicts) ooo , Science o
Physical: Firearms oo , Larceny o , Stealth o
Social: Empathy oo , Intimidation o , Persuasion o , Socialise o , Subterfuge oo


Barfly o
Combat Marksmanship o
Mentor (sire) ooo
Technophile (firearms) oo
Language (Arabic) o
Language (Mandarin) o
Resources o --> Need to get new bank card issued


Auspex oo
Obfuscate o

[sblock=Character Information]
Judas is friendly on the eyes but utterly forgettable. He's fairly average when it comes to height and weight. He is just another white guy, and his quiet and unthreatening demeanour means he is easily looked over. To be more specific regarding his appearance; deep-set grey-blue eyes, short brown hair tinged with blonde at the temples, a well-trimmed coppery goatee and a warm smile. He usually changes his appearance to suit the venue he is going to be working at, but when he has a choice of what to wear he favours heavier, more conservative outfits in dull, earthen tones. Since his embrace, due to the gunshot wound to his neck, Judas has taken to keeping his neck heavily bandaged. The bandages are usually obscured by shirt collars, scarves or turtlenecks.

While Judas puts forward a reserved, almost librarian, appearance underneath his heavy apparel he possesses a number of tattoos. The largest is a six-armed crucifix that takes up a large portion of his back. Each of its six points has a latin phrase written around it. The next is a tattoo of the Hanged Man tarot card on his upper right arm. The last is a yin-yang symbol over his heart. He still keeps hold of a pair of round-lensed sunglasses that he used when he was alive. These nights he uses them in the presence of large quantities of artificial lighting, as being Mekhet he finds exposure to such unpleasant. Judas has an accent that defies origin, much to his sire's irritation as she still doesn't know everything about Judas and wants to know where he hails from. Most assume his accent to be Canadian but it changes subtely now and then.

How old are you?
Judas is 33, but his appearance is such that he can be mistaken as being anywhere from his mid-twenties to early forties. He's shown a surprising amount of maturity and wisdom since his youth, earning him respect where such qualities are valued. He's only spent a very short time as a vampire, but he appears to be adapting well and laying the foundations for future successes.

What was unique about your childhood?
Nothing. Judas lived a generic, middle-class upbringing. He always had a roof over his head and food on the table. His parents didn’t get along, but whose did? He saw good and bad (mostly good) and in the end doesn’t see anything unique about his youth. All things considered, he realises how fortunate he is compared to others whose upbringings were far, far worse. It makes him wonder how and why he has become the man he is now.

He has always had an interest in the supernatural since his youth, and developed an interest in firearms when his career interests turned towards the military. While his interest in the military eventually faded, the interest in firearms didn’t. Neither did he see any potential for a career in his supernatural studies. As far as hobbies go he enjoys tabletop war games, and has meagre talent for painting the miniatures required. Presently however such things, and the rest of his possessions, are at home and a long way from the city he presently feels trapped in.

Throughout his youth he didn’t move much, and maintained contact with a loyal and long-lasting group of friends during his education years. He also showed a certain tendency to make friends wherever he went. He performed well academically, and went on to earn a couple of degrees at university, although he doesn’t discuss what they were and where he earned them. He lost contact with many of his friends once he entered his professional career, but as he tends to leave a trail of friends in his wake it’s in all likelihood that people are going to notice his absence once he’s gone too long, especially his employers.

What kind of person were you?
Judas puts forward the persona of a kind-natured, absent-minded, bumbling intellectual. This is made easy by the fact that he is actually a kind-natured, absent-minded, bumbling intellectual. The demeanour that usually provides his cover is simply an aspect of himself. The other half of himself; the ruthless, efficient, covert operative, is kept out of the way to allow for ease of interaction with other people. This appears when violence is called for, or when a risky situation falls apart. More often its influence is subtle. Admittedly, it's unsurprising that he's done more than a few nasty things in his time, but such is the way of his profession. Judas has learned from the experiences. He doesn't know why he's able to perform the harsher elements of his work that are sometimes called on, it's not as though he had an abusive childhood or anything, but when there's dirty work to be done he has no qualms doing it. After all, someone has to.

What was your first brush with the supernatural?
While Judas was always fascinated with the supernatural in his youth, he never actually encountered anything that he couldn’t explain away logically. He revelled in finding information of merit and quality nonetheless, but never encountered anything personally to confirm the material he had read. Now that he knows that vampires are real he has shown great curiosity as to whether other things he had previously been uncertain about are also real. His inner intellectual is waiting patiently for him to resolve his neonate dilemmas before demanding exploration and discovery.

In what he believes to be his first true brush with the supernatural, Celeste Choi, he never even suspected anything was amiss. He had simply come to the conclusion that the friendly young Korean-American woman he had met was a little strange. After all, strange was a matter of relativity. Judas wasn’t the kind of guy to jump to the conclusion that someone was a movie-esque monster just because they were different from him. He suppressed the signals his instincts were giving him, and only at the very last moment did he realise his instincts were correct. It frustrates him how often his instincts are correct, because he doesn’t as often trust them.

How did the Embrace change you?
More than anything else, Judas' embrace was painful. Minutes before his embrace he held in his hand a cd with the information he was pursuing on it, and Celeste's retainer was pointing a suppressed pistol at him. Celeste was explaining to Judas that he had to throw away the cd, forget about the job, and join her because there weren't any other options left. Judas couldn't, he had a job to do. There could be no compromise. Judas said he was leaving and Frank Torvelli, Celeste's ghoul retainer, shot him in the neck. Whether this was an accident or not both Celeste and Judas are unsure, but Judas was lucky and it didn't kill him instantly. The last thing Judas can remember before he lapsed into unconciousness is having his hand clamped over the exit wound and trying to gargle insults at Celeste and Frank through the blood filling his throat, while Celeste was holding him in her arms and looking panicked. When he woke up, he was a vampire. Both the fact that he woke up, and that he was now a vampire were quite surprising. His embrace and subsequent vampiric state had prevented the gunshot wound in his neck from killing him, but it had only partially fixed the injury and left him with a rather unpleasant and permanent wound.[/sblock]

Craft * (3 xp)

Language (Arabic) * (2 xp)
Language (Mandarin) * (2 xp)
Resources * (2 xp)

Exp Remaining: 5/14
http://www.enworld.org/showpost.php?p=4253320&postcount=1701st xp spend[/sblock]

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James Cale (Jemal)

Since becoming a vampire will change James I'll have to wait until then to do a final version of stats.

[sblock=Char Sheet]
Name: James Cale
Virtue: Patience
Vice: Greed

Int ***
Wits **
Resolve ***

Strength **
Dexterity **
Stamina **

Presence **
Manipulation ***
Composure **


Academics *** (Law)
Computers *
Investigate **
Occult **** (Vampires)
Politics *

Brawl **
Drive *
Stealth *

Persuassion ***
Socialize **
Streetwise ** (Rumours)

Resources ???
Status ** (Criminals)

Size: 5
Defense: 2
Initiative: +4
Speed: 9

Health: *******
Willpower *****

Humanity: 6-7

[sblock=Character biography]
WARNING: kinda dark.
My name is James Cale.
There's nothing special about how I was born or raised. I went to school like any other kid, grew up in a normal house with normal parents, didn't even loose my virginity till my graduation. But hell, what a grad... and it was worth the wait, SHE was worth the wait.

Gorgeous, Beautiful, Sexy, Smart, Funny. -PERFECT- and all mine.

By my second year of law school, we were living together. We married a month after I finished (Princeton for anyone who gives a damn). I was hired straight ouf of college by a most prestigious firm, and immediately started my climb to the top. For two years, I was the rising star, making connectiosn, making money, even ended up making a "little me" with the love of my life.
She was 8 months pregnant when she was taken from me. I knew, the instant I saw the house; cops, ambulance, everybody standing there... Some looked bored, others sickened. I had to fight my way through to see the body (God, I still can't think of that.. butchered, brutalized, mutilated corpse as the woman I'd once loved.)

I spent he next year buried in work, 20 hours a day, I cut myself off from old friends, family, and made new contacts. Ones who would help me find him, in exchange for certain favours which I happened to be in a position to grant.

My work never slipped, yet my employers became concerned with my new obsession. Hmmf, screw them and their job, it didn't matter any more. I'd found him.
The bastard thought I was his lawyer when I first approached him about being the prime suspect in the case, so I used it to my advantage. I wrung every bit of info I could out of him, and what I learned sent me into a terrifying new world...

And all those other Hollywood Blockbusters and things that go bump in the night. He was a 'ghoul', sent to leave a message. I still haven't found out what the exact meaning of it is, or why his 'master' hated me so much, but in the long years since, I've found out a lot of OTHER things.

My first step was in finding her.. Or maybe she found me. For a decade, we were together, my vampiress and me, closer even than I'd been with my wife. And yet, it wasn't love that brought us together, but something else. A shared desire for power and knowledge which we both - somehow - knew could be gained by working together.
(I still search for the vampire who ended my life and started me on the path I now follow, but I no longer know exactly what I'll do if.. when... I find him. )

I've waited so long for my lady to bestow the gift(curse?) upon me, but it'll be worth the wait.

Power, Riches, Information, Beauty, Revenge. -PERFECT- and all mine.
And this time, it'll be forever.
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Ash (Ashburn)

Name: Ash
Concept: Amnesiac
Perception *****
Resist Frenzy**** Initiative: *****
Defense: *** Speed: ***** ****

Ash woke up drenched in a pool of blood. The first thing she remembered was the throbbing at her abdomen. Then came the coppery stench of the viscous blood. She could not remember how she got there or why or what happened. She had pale translucent skin. Jet black hair, long and silky straight to the waist, covering half her face. Thin frame. Terrible barbed-wired scars ran across her arms. She had no idea how she got the scars. The scars appeared fresh and recent. It was dull pink when she woke up, but sometimes it pulsates dark scarlet.

After the Embrace... Ash operated out of her haven, near a club where her herd are located. She did not know how she got the Cruac. Ash was like a gang head/cultist sort of figure. Her medicine* comes from pushing street drugs. Her firearms* comes from blackmarket arms business. The stay in business she relied a lot on her "social" skills.
[sblock=Character Sheet]
Virtue: Fortitude (?)
Vice: Wrath (?)

Clan: Ventrue
Covenant: None



Presence*** (Favored Attribute: Ventrue)


Occult**** (Witchcraft, Magic)
Investigation** (Body Language)



Haven (Location)*
Haven (Security)*
Natural Immunity*
Toxin Resistance**

Dominate** (Clan Discipline)

Size: 5
Defense: 3
Initiative: 5
Speed: 9

Health: 7
Willpower 4

Humanity: 7
Blood Potency: *
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+Beth Johansen (industrygothica)

Perception/Surprise ***** See through Obfuscate (Wits + Invest + Aus) ***** *
Resist Frenzy*** Initiative: ****
Defense: *** Speed: ***** ***** *
Weakness: take an additional point of aggravated damage from sunlight and fire

[sblock=key pools]
Read a scene (manp+emp) ****
Wake during the day (Wits+Aus) ***** *

[sblock=Background]They were fighting again, and their screams rang out through the night like a blast from a shotgun.

Beth stood in the driveway of their middle-class home, leaning up against the rear bumper of her mother’s SUV staring out into the empty street in front of her. Black tears streaked down her face, ruining the gothic make-up she spent so much time on.

“Figures,” she said to herself as she wiped it away, leaving an angry streak across her face and hand. She’d gotten into the lifestyle a few years ago, enjoying the freedom that being a goth offered. People stayed away from you, expected you to be weird and overemotional… suicidal.

She’d never do it, she knew. She hated life, but was too scared to die, at least by her own hand. She’d hoped for an accident, or even a disease to help her along, and engaged in the appropriate behavior to give it a kick start. The only thing she got out of that was a nice new addiction: adrenaline. Playing on the highway, walking on the ledges of the tall buildings downtown, or unprotected sex, if she wasn’t supposed to be doing it, she was.

And she kept on living.

The screams got louder, fiercer. It would come eventually, the inevitable sound flesh to flesh-she never knew who’d be slapping who-and that’d be the end of it, just like that.

Until tomorrow.

She gazed up into the stars, one final tearfall splattering on the concrete by her feet. She didn’t say it, but her thoughts echoed louder than any words ever could have.

God, take me.[/sblock]
Virtue: Hope
Vice: Lust (adventure/excitement)


Intelligence.....***        Strength.........**         Presence.........***
Wits.............****        Dexterity........***        Manipulation.....**
Resolve..........**         Stamina..........**         Composure........*
[SIZE=1]Vampire attribute bump Wits[/SIZE]




[b]Mental (11)[/b]
Occult........*** (specialty: witchcraft)

[b]Physical (4)[/b]

[b]Social (7)[/b]
Animal Ken....*
Empathy.......** (specialty: lies)
Subterfuge....** (specialty: lying)

Common Sense....****
Eidetic Memory..**
Fleet of Foot...*

[b]Health:[/b] *******
[b]Willpower:[/b] ***
[b]Humanity:[/b] 7

[b]Age[/b] 17
[b]Size[/b] 5
[b]Speed[/b] 11
[b]Initiative[/b] 4
[b]Defense[/b] 3

Received 15
Spent 10
Auspex 10 (2nd *)​
Remaining 5

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+Cole Braddock (Bloodweaver1)

Perception *****
Resist Frenzy***** Initiative: ***** **
Defense: *** Speed: ***** ***** ***
Weakness: -2 penalty to Humanity rolls to avoid acquiring derangements after a failed degeneration roll

[sblock=key pools]
Read a scene ****
Command (Int + Intim + Dominate) ***** *
Mesmerize (Int+ Express + Dominate) *****
Forgetful Mind (doesn't have yet - Wits+ Persuade +D) ***** **

Notice activity/wake during the day (Wits) **

Remember something *****

[sblock=Background] Just as World War 2 began, I was one of the most success weapon smugglers for the Nazi regime. There wasn’t a factory in Europe that I didn’t have connections with and there wasn’t a armory I didn’t know about it. I was on a first name basis with over half of the commanding generals and the other half called me in for assistance at least once. Historians have only speculated on how the Nazi war machine was outfitted, while I know. Of course that was almost 70 years ago and it is strange to think that, for me, it all happened almost year ago.

It took me sometime to adjust from the 1930’s to the new millennia. It wasn’t easy, especially since now one told me why I am the way I am and what I did to deserve it. But none the less, here I am, a walking corpse living the life I only use to hear in story books. However truth be told, my life today is only marginally different than my previous life. The only thing different is that instead of just smuggling weapons, I know handle all kinds of things. Its true what they say about life, the more things change, the more they stay the same. [/sblock][sblock=Personality]
He is more of a talker than a fighter. He has often boosted that he has had people do things against their better judgment all the while thinking it was their idea. He is not over confident or cocky and knows his when to quite while he is ahead. Even with his new abilities, he is constantly aware of limitations and makes it a point to stay well within them. Though if there is an item to be moved, or a job that needs a certain skill level, often then not he knows someone who can make it happen. For a price of course.[/sblock][sblock=Stat Block]
       Character Name: Cole Braddock    Creature Type: Vampire
      Concept: Smuggler/Fencer         Virtue: Temperance 
      Apparent Age/ True Age: 25/95    Vice: Greed

          Physical (3)     Social (5)          Mental (4+1)
      Strength: O        Presence: OO        Intelligence: OO
      Dexterity: OOO     Manipulation: OOO   Wits: OO
      Stamina: OO        Composure: OOO      Resolve: OOOO

          Physical (4)     Social (11)         Mental (7)
      Athletics:         Animal Ken:         Academics: 
      Brawl:             Empathy:O           Computer: O  
      Drive:             Expression: O       Crafts: OO
      Firearms: OOO  Intimidation: [COLOR=Blue]00[/COLOR]      Investigation: OOO
                                                  (Fraud & Counterfeiting)
      Larceny:           Persuasion: OOO     Medicine:
      Stealth:           Socialize: OO       Occult:
      Survival: O        Streetwise: OOO     Politics:
                            (Black Market)
      Weaponry:         Subterfuge: O       Science: O

               Disciplines (3)           Merits (7)
            Dominate: OO              [s]Contacts: OOO[/s]
            Resilience: O               [s]Allies: O[/s]
                                            [s]Resources: O [/s]
                                            Striking Looks: OO
[s]struckthrough[/s] merits not available yet
    Crúac Rituals/Theban Sorcery/Coils of the Dragon/Devotions 

            Health: OOOOOOO            Humanity: OOOOOOO
            Willpower: OOOOOO          Speed: OOOOOOOOO
            Vitea:                     Defense: OO
            Size:                      Intiative: OOOOOO

Remaining: 5

9 for two points of intimidate.[/sblock]
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