Release VTT Map Packs 1 - 4: Deserts (realistic/high-res/includes isometric views)


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Greetings! I present a number of VTT Battlemaps for your gaming pleasure. They are all available here for only $2 each:
Dragonsbane Games Map Packs

These are all from my current desert-based campaign. They are made with Gaea, GIMP, and Inkarnate. Additional Map packs for other environments will be released in the future with the same style.
Map Pack 1 has Desert Ravines (8 maps)
Map Pack 2 has Rocky Red Canyons (5 maps)
Map Pack 3 has Sandy Deserts (7 maps)
Map Pack 4 has Rocky Rough Terrain (5 maps, 3 color themes each)

For use with any VTT or table-screen live plays. Import them like any other map into Foundry or Roll20 or other VTT.

Isometric views are included for you to show players to give them a better perspective and a treat!

These maps are left ungridded so you may scale them as you choose. Many of the maps work at both small and large scale.

I usually have them at 100dpi/no padding (Foundry) or 50x50 (Roll20) squares for my games.

Many areas are included on the maps for difficult terrain, higher ground, squeezing, ambushes, and so on as possible.

If you want to make the players see the "scale" of the map more easily, put a placeable like a bush, wagon, tree, corpse, or something similar somewhere. Viola!

I hope you enjoy them and that they enhance your gaming experience.

Sample Maps:



Sandy Desert 01.jpg




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