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Kickstarter Wagadu Afro-fantasy for 5e and MMO Kickstarter


So firstly, this is an ambitious project by Twin Drums and the project lead who is of African heritage, Kike Ayoola.

The best part of this Kickstarter is that if you just want the D&D 5th Edition book, it is already available for free on the Kickstarter page.

The Wagadu Chronicles - Afrofantasy MMO for role-play


These are some of the community features that we are implementing to create this unique environment:
  • Continuous releases of free lore material.
  • In-character role-play as a default for all players when in Wagadu's servers.
  • Off-world lobbies where players can get technical support or any role-playing tips on how to act out their character before returning to the actual game world.
  • Rewards for groups of players that engage in interesting and well thought role-playing.
  • We intend to keep the space safe from harassment and trolls who want to disrupt other people's story and the role-play environment - we are spending a lot of energy on this and will have a number of moderation tools that we and the community can use.
Wagadu is a strange place where different types of people fall from another world and have to fight to adapt and survive. Behind the scenes a lot has been done to create this world. We believe that role-playing thrives when the setting is well fleshed out and interesting.

The approach taken to create this fantasy world was: "What if Tolkien were black?". Just as Tolkien did, a lot of time was spent researching the mythologies and traditions of people, but in this case across the African continent. The result is seven "lineages", which are similar to fantasy "races" but more nuanced, with overlapping cultures and more fluid identities.

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