Wakuna Islands


World of Kulan DM
While the Wakuna Islands are considered a major island group, I have yet to write much about them. These islands are important due to my inclusion of the Isle of Dread in the region. I am going to put the Isle of the Ape in the island group as well. I have yet to add it to the map, however. The rest of the islands are undeveloped.

The Islands

Work in Progress

Delanos Isles
Work in Progress

Isle of Dread
The Isle of Dread was added to Kulan during my AD&D 2E campaign. The Companions traveled to the island to find a mysterious being who could lead them through the magical barrier that once guarded the waters of the Black Storm Sea to the Fallenlands.

Isle of the Ape (not depicted on map)
Work in Progress

The Paw
Work in Progress

Salt Island
Work in Progress

This forested island will be very important for the region.

Work in Progress


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