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Victoria Rules
Here's another example: ever been on a ferry? What happens when they hit the dock, even though at that point they are going as slow as possible? There is so much energy released that the ferry bounces back, and the dock has to be designed to do likewise or it would be quickly destroyed.
Now there speaks someone who lives on Vancouver Island! :)

(for those unaware, ferries rule our lives around here)

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greg kaye

I've made this exact ruling for Rings of Free Action, such that falling out of a boat is like falling out of a plane.
As far as the Freedom of Movement spell is concerned the effect describes that "being underwater imposes no penalties on the target’s movement or attacks". But they are given the penalty that they are denied the freedom from gravity that swimming normally affords.

greg kaye

When they hit the flat side, yes. It's clear the designers only thought of that part and didn't really bother to consider what happens if something runs into the wall edge-on.
I was replying to:
The Wall of Force is a field effect that absorbs energy, not a solid object. When something hits it, it's kinetic energy is absorbed, so it simply stops dead. It is not cut or damaged in any way.
and yes, I think,
Things hitting the wall certainly stop dead, but I'd think that this is because they hit a wall.
and agree that this would happen if the things hit either the flat or the edge of the wall. I just don't agree, in a context of a significant impact, that "It is not cut or damaged in any way."

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