Wallace the Dog, The Legend of Va'cuum! One-Shot


Hey everyone!

Please join us for a 5e one-shot game on Saturday (10/26) 4pm EST, starring Wallace the Dog and his pals. It's a Halloween adventure that will take about 3 hours and will be live-streamed on Twitch, and uploaded on YouTube.

Channel: twitch.tv/Natural_1s

I'm a newer DM (1 year exp) and quite nervous about my first ever one-shot. It's a Halloween adventure centered around Wallace, a corgi who is featured on my brother's pixel art website: wallace.dog. The setting is a medieval town in the countryside with some steampunk elements mixed in. The town is called Kaneindoggo, and its culture is based around breeding and training dogs, some of which have magical powers.

Please check us out if you like dogs, adventure, steampunk, and mystery!