WotBS War of the Burning Sky Adventure Path website affected by site change?


Howdy! đź‘‹

Again I feel compelled to share how much my players and I are enjoying WotBS. We start adventure 3 in a couple of weeks, having gone through the first two; the plan is go through them all (for 5e, that is)

In preparing for the 3rd adventure I went to the Adventure Path website and tried to download the Map pack, here: http://www.enworld.org/ap/wotbs_maps/WBS03-Maps.pdf

That link, and the a few others I checked, no longer work.

Also, the links to the rpgnow.com might need to be changed.

There is no contact link so I thought I'd post here about the site.

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Any word on getting these links updated yet? the "old" links seem to not be working anymore, and I'd love to have these resources for a WotBS game that I'll be starting in a couple weeks...


All the maps from significant areas are on the Maps tab. If you click on one of them, there is a link in the bottom right that says, "View Full Size." You can then download that. Are you looking to print these or use them for online play?


The resolution is around 100ppi, which is not great for large format printing but is doable. You will need to resize in the GIMP or something similar using a 1-inch grid so they will print correctly. Let me know if you need some guidance with that (as well as whether you are using a large-format printer or stitching together sheets of paper).

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