D&D 5E Warhammer Chaos Gods to DnD Demon Lords

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I think this sounds like a my dream campaign!

Which scenarios are you using/thinking about.
I’ve been using Ubersreik from the WFRP4e Starter Set since the very beginning, almost 30 sessions in, and I think I got at least another 20 to go.

Here is our campaign journal if you’re interested 😊


For my low(er) magic DnD campaign I’m converting Warhammer scenarios to DnD. What do you think it’s a good “stand in” among the main DnD Demon Lords for the Chaos Gods?

At the moment I was thinking to go for this:

Slaneesh = Grazzt
Nurgle = Juiblex
Khorne = Baphomet
Tzeench = Orcus

any opinions?
Nurgle generally has the cyclops minions who look like they are fat walking dead repositories of disease. Jubilex can work, particularly as he is fairly mindless, but I would go with the overweight Orcus for the undead connection, a number of which have disease aspects.

Tzeentch looks like a giant Vrock, so I have always connected him with Pazuzu lord of flying demons and all the Abyssal skies.

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