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WotBS Warlock, primordial patron


Yes that is the newer version. The old one did have a lot less of subclasses but the new version has one for every class. Glad I could help ;)
That makes me wonder, if one was to go back and add new, thematic subclass for the Artificer and/or Blood Hunter classes, what would they be? :unsure:

Artificers, with their science-based magic, could be an Arcane Researcher from an academic institution (Gabal's School, the Lyceum, or something else)? Grant proficiency or expertise in History and/or Arcana, allow Experimental Upcasting (with a possibility of failure and/or backlash)?

Blood Hunters could be tangentially related to either the Order of the Aquiline Cross? A sort of dark paladin, they channel their own blood as a source of power, for both offensive and defensive purposes. Perhaps they can use their own blood as a source of healing and protection for others?

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The original player's guide just had 5e versions of the 3.5 prestige classes/subclasses redone as 5e subclasses. I had wanted to make 5e subclasses for each class, but it took me a few years to come up with concepts that I was happy with for each class. The campaign guide has ideas on how to integrate characters with those subclasses into the campaign (where they might come from, who they might know, etc.).
Was this not updated in the Roll20 Player's Guide then? That would be an interesting addition that I'm missing it seems...

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