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5E Waterdeep Guild regulations broken. I need ideas!


Rotten DM
Ok, while the pcs were away from Trollskull manor, a small party broke out. Ok a big party broke out. Think drunken college party being celebrated on your country's best party holiday. I need a list of charges against the pcs for allowing the party to happy. Also a list of funny or broke items. Here is what I got so far.

Open without a bartender

Open with a butcher guild member

Serving beer without a bartender

Serving wine without a bartender

Serving food without guild member present.

Renting out rooms which are unfurnished

Open after closing time.

Unauthorized fire display by scattersnot

Serving tainted beer. Who put the imp in the cask?

Painting the town red.

Unauthorized goblin tossing contest

Unauthorized dart contest


Serving tainted beer Who tooth is this?

Too much hops in the beer? Who rabbit foot is this?

Rat droppings in serving area

Rat droppings in cellar where liquor is kept.

Broken doors.

Broken windows

No bouncer present.

Renter bathing in public.

Renter flashing the public

Murder not made known to the law

Dead body not removed in timely fashion.

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