Wayne "WAR" Reynolds now has an official site! Wicked Cool!

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I, too, prefer his work for Osprey. He has a good eye for historical details -- not quite Angus McBride, but who is? ;)

Kai Lord

My gosh some of these are awesome...




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http://www.waynereynolds.com/WOTC Gallery 1A/16.jpg


http://www.waynereynolds.com/WOTC Gallery 1A/21.jpg

are some of my favourites. Although I have to say one thing, that no matter what, this man draws, BY FAR, the scariest undead of any artist on WotC's books. I was bitterly dissapointed that they made such little use of him in Libris Mortis, his Entropic Reaper was awesome, as is his "Drowned" in MM3.

Man, this guy is GOOD. Easily ties with Ron Spencer for the title of my fave artist, both guys have so much energy in their pictures.


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I also noticed that some of the pieces are a bit washed-out. A quick Auto-Level Adjustment fixes that, though. Take, for example, that Call of Cthulhu picture. The first is the original, the second I put through photoshop with a quick Images - Adjustments - Auto Levels (fixes contrast, color balance, etc):


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Well its about time. I never thought I'd see the day Wayne would do a website. When I talked to him about it a Gencon, he said he'd never do it. I'm glad he changed his mind as his work looks great.

When I get a chance, I'm dying to know how many times he used the infamous right foot that's in so many of his drawings. :)

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