Shadowdark now has an official character generator

The Arcane Library, makers of Shadowdark, have acquired, a fan-made character builder website. This is now the official Shadowdark character builder.

From the announcement:

Shadowdark RPG has brought the beloved online character builder in-house! It's now an official Arcane Library website with full licensing support.

What does this mean?

Full support for building characters online with all Cursed Scroll classes, all completely for free!

The funds from our Kickstarter made it possible to pay Mike (@SWooNe on our Discord server), the site's wonderful developer, for all his hard work since day one. This has been a "secret stretch goal" that took shape over time, and I'm so excited to finally announce it!

Thanks to you, backers, we will now have a free and robust online character creator that will incorporate all official Shadowdark RPG material!

Today we're rolling out Cursed Scroll 1, which includes the Witch, Warlock, and Knight of St. Ydris classes. All spells and character options from Cursed Scroll 1 are available!


As long as we don't encounter any tech bugs that need fixing, we'll be rolling out Cursed Scroll 2 and Cursed Scroll 3 classes in the coming days/weeks.

Will we add even more classes? Certainly! I'm looking forward to expanding out even further as our community grows.

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