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What are the ways to increase critical range?

-Rogue Paragon Path: Daggermaster increases the crit range with daggers to 18-20 at 11th level

-PHB1 Feats: Axe, Bludgeon, Flail, Light Blade, Heavy Blade, Pick, & Spear Mastery increase it to 19-20, but with Str/Con or Str/Dex requirements of at least 17 each.

-Jagged Weapons (Adventurer’s Vault pg 71) increase it to 19-20

-“Anthem of Progress”, the Chosen of Erathis Dpic Desinty 26th level Daily power in the Devine Power book increases the crit rang to 16-20 for you and allies within burst 10 for the encounter.

Anyone willing to help me out? I know must be missing a bunch.:hmm:

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Student of Caiphon (Warlock Paragon; from dragon): 18-20 crits with Fear or Radiant powers.

Cheers, -- N


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Hunt's End (Ranger Daily 1, Martial Power) - If you use this power to attack your quarry, the crit range is 18-20 (iirc)


Focused Sound, a Bard encounter power allows the target to be crit-able on 18-20 until the end of your next turn.

Forgot the level, but it's low (1-4).


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The student of Caiphon path goes very, very well with Avengers. They have radiant attacks at pretty much every level, and the two powers together give them a 27.75% crit chance. Then slap a bloodiron executioner's axe on them and go to town.

Oh, and another good way to get more critical hits is to use area attacks. Hit five people and you get five crit chances.


Shaman encounter power 7: Call to the Blood Dancer.

All allys adjacent to your spirit companion crit on 18-20 for the round.


Biting volley, ranger level 7 encounter has 2 attacks and crits on 18-20

Mage's weapon to expend arcane encounter power(attack and utility) to refresh martial encounter power of equal or lesser level so you can get these martial crit powers often.


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Level 22 cleric utility of abjure the chosen gives a close burst 5 speed +2, attack +2, dam +2, and all allies crit on 18-20 until end of cleric's next turn and this is an encounter power too.

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