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Well, that was fun
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We will soon be removing the playtest documents from this website. If you want to keep them for any reason, please be sure to download them and store them somewhere safe!

About the playtest​

The public playtest has been running for over a year, and we’ve gotten tons of valuable data from it. It’s the biggest public playtest we’ve ever run, and thousands of fans have playtested the various rules and given us mountains of feedback, which we have used to shape the final game.

Over the year-long period, we released over 20 playtest documents, covering a wide range of game features from heritages and classes to combat maneuvers, journeys, and capstone abilities. For each playtest document, we followed up with a survey (as well as following the online talk about them).

The playtest process made our game better. Thank you to everybody who participated!

Why we are removing them​

The Kickstarter for Level Up is fast approaching. Much of the playtest material underwent significant changes based on your feedback, and no longer accurately represents our game. This is good: that’s the playtest process working as intended.

When potential Kickstarter backers check out this site, the last thing we would want is for them to base their decision on outdated information.

So, we’re removing those old playtest documents. But never fear: very soon you’ll have the full, final game in your hands and you’ll see how your feedback helped to shape the game!

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