Playtest (A5E) Voidrunner’s Codex Playtest: Scientist

Welcome to the 2nd public playtest document for the Voidrunner’s Codex, Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition’s upcoming science fiction rulebook. This document includes a playtest candidate for our scientist class, one of several new classes in the book. Once you've checked out the class, please be sure to take the playtest survey.

The Voidrunner’s Codex is pure sci-fi—it contains no magic. However, this is fully A5E—it is 100% compatible with the material in the Adventurer’s Guide, so you can put your wizard on a starship if you wish, or mix and match for a universe of cosmic magic. However, the Codex itself is focused on the sci-fi.

If you remember the public playtests we held last year in the run-up to the Level Up Kickstarter, we’re following the same model this year—playtest documents, followed by surveys. There will be a Kickstarter later this year, so keep an eye out for that (and for the Dungeon Delver’s Guide and the To Save a Kingdom adventure path)!


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