We Be Goblins Free! Is ... Well, Free

The Pathfinder module We Be Goblins Free! is ... well, free. You can grab it from Paizo's online store, or upgrade to a print copy for $5. It's a 16-page adventure for 4th-level characters which Paizo created for Free RPG Day this year, and is a sequel to We Be Goblins! and We Be Goblins Too!, which Paizo released for Free RPG Day in 2011 and 2013. It also includes four pregenerated 4th-level goblin characters: Chuffy Lickwound, Mogmurch, Poog of Zarongel, and Reta Bigbad.

You'll find it here. If you want the preceding modules, We Be Goblins! is here, and We Be Goblins Too! is here.

After losing chieftain after chieftain, the Birdcruncher goblin tribe finally found competent leadership in its four goblin "heroes"—Reta Bigbad the fighter, Chuffy Lickwound the rogue, Poog the cleric of Zarongel, and Mogmurch the alchemist. But it turns out leading a tribe of goblins isn't much fun, and the newest Birdcruncher chieftains are bored. In order to cure their doldrums, the chieftains have issued a new demand—find them some adventure, or else!

Eager to please their great chieftains, the Birdcruncher goblins frantically try to whip up all sorts of amusements, including goblin games, feats of skill, and a grand feast. But trouble arises in the midst of the goblins' feast for their mighty leaders—the goblins who went to harvest truffles for the feast got beat up by some stinky humans!

Now the Birdcruncher chieftains find themselves getting more adventure than they bargained for as they venture to the Bestest Truffle Field to pick up the slack for their bumbling minions. Will the goblin heroes be able to make it to the field, find the treasured fungus, defeat the mean humans, and make it back to the tribe in time to enjoy their well-deserved feast?


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Torg Smith

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There are two others from the prior two years. They are worth getting as well if you like that kind of humor. I have not read the new one yet, but really like the other two.


So it is a humor adventure? Meh, might pass.

In addition to the three "We Be Goblins" adventures, Paizo have also done some 'serious' Free RPG adventures over the years. Recently they've taken to alternating between the humour and serious ones, probably due to the success of the first WbG. Anyway, maybe one of the others will be more to your taste?


So it is a humor adventure? Meh, might pass.

It's from the view point of the Pathfinder version of goblins who tend to be both humorous and demented. If you're familiar with the Pathfinder goblin, then you know what you're in for. Personally I've enjoyed this series (from the demented mind of Richard Pett) so far.


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Great author

I was also a bit skeptical when we ran these adventures a few years ago but actually turned out to be some of the most enjoyable game sessions in years. Players really had a ball role playing moronic goblins for a change of pace. Mix in a few timely critical hits and a misfire here and there . . . really good stuff. Highly recommend.

Also, have not seen a poor Richard Pett adventure yet!
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