Wedding Planning


First Post
After returning Tuktuk to the land of the living, it was time to fulfill Luuz' gek's prophecy, and get Kyuzo hitched!
So we did the Amazing Wedding Planning Skill Challenge! (tm). There were gifts to procure, guests to invite, ceremonies to write, defensive preparations to manage, and a reluctant bride to intimidate. Particularly important checks - Kyuzo, the groom, made a check to make everything go smoothly. And rolled a 1. So he started ruining everything! Naglumph, the princess bride, was born, bred and raised to be a bride, so knew every custom, and how to push the old women of the Clan's buttons. She also hated getting married to Kyuzo, so she was ruining everything. So Jin put on a monster Intimidate check, and scared her into submission. Tuktuk, newly returned, sneaked some Far Realms dogma into the ceremony rituals. This helps convert the Clan to the Forgotten One, particularly those that had to keep rehearsing the ceremony. Of supreme importance, but less noticeable at the time, was Jin's check to find a defensible location for the wedding.
After the plans were complete, it was time for the Bachelor Party! It took place in Honest Oluk's, in a bar in Rhukaan Draal. The hobgoblin monk woman from [autolink]Hire the Brute Squad[/autolink] returns, and flirts with Kyuzo. Then the elf assassins attack. They put all their firepower into Kyuzo, and drop him. They would have killed him, but the drow darkness power shielded him at exactly the right time.
Meanwhile Akariel had the godshard from [autolink]Dolhurr[/autolink]. It was driving him crazy and paranoid and wanted to return to Tuktuk. So in the middle of the elf assassin fight Akariel walked up to Tuktuk and stabbed him in the eye with the shard (reskinned Eye of Vecna!).
After the elves were defeated the group finished drinking - Kyuzo missing his monk friend - and called it a night. Wedding and hangovers next!

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