D&D 5E Wednesday's Long-Lost Uncle Strahd

Savage Wombat

Everyone thinks they know what to expect from a Ravenloft adventure...

What could you do to make Castle Ravenloft more like the Addams' Family?

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Flip the script, so that the normals are the enemies, out to get the misunderstood monsters.

"And in this adventure, the PCs must defend Castle Ravenloft against the townsfolk pretending to be tax collectors, but who are in fact out to steal Strahd's priceless paintings."


Crib shamelessly from Terry Pratchett's Carpe Jugulem. Strahd is a local tradition, some good sport for the local lads and lasses to fight or have fun with before they settle down. The servants all obsess over the right 'atmosphere' (setting up cobwebs, de-oiling the hinges, etc.) and Castle Ravenloft is about 50/50 tourist trap & death trap.

Replace the high tower room with Uncle Fester (necromancer) and his workshop.

A whole bunch of zombie assistants (cf Pratchett, all of them Igorth), and have the PCs enter Barovia on school sports day, where Wednesday is cheating in the egg and spoon race.

Level Up!

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