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D&D General Weird space adventure ideas


So ive started a new campaign with my group using the Star Wars 5e system but in a custom setting. The tone is goofy fun with serious moments (Starstruck Odyssey, Gaurdians of the Galaxy, etc. Just a bit short of Futurama). I was wondering if the community had any ideas for slighly goofy/silly side quests i could throw in?

As examples so far they have
1) aquired an infinite honey pot for lord Pooh
2) assassinated an orange cat so one of his other clones could gain control of the braincell.
3) accepted bounties for the Butcher of Bakvalen (who is literally just a butcher) and Evemund the pirate (who ran an illegal radio station)
4) are diving into ancient ruins where they will encounter the final terrifying Gaurdian Codename: Dreamworld (which is just Kirby).

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After months of mysterious noises and unexplainable phenomena, a deep space crew becomes convinced their ship is haunted/cursed/infested with aliens. They mutiny against their captain and return home in the emergency escape pods. Your crew has been tasked with salvaging the lost ship and returning it home. While on board, they experience a number of mysteries as the tension rises. Faced with this fear of the unknown, they must figure out how to get the ship running, and return home safely.

And in the end, it turns out it's just a cat. The ship is old, and has a lot of undocumented vents, tubes, or whatever. There's small space rodents and bugs that the cat will eat and leave "gore". The cat likes to steal shiny stuff. It's so small that it only shows up as a mysterious blip on sensors. It occasionally hits random buttons on consoles. But it's just a cat. Not even a space cat.


The All-Vault in the center of the galaxy holds all the secret information the federation wants to keep for their own. The PCs need to sneak in past the guards and steal the secret formula to highly successful breaded chicken formula of 11 herbs and spices.

The follow on adventure consists of the Pcs finding these secret 11 herbs and seasonings.

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