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WotC Welch's Adventure Compilation likely exists, and is probably an upcoming release (and other reveals in the D&D Studio Roundtable)

Urriak Uruk

Debate fuels my Fire

Although the big takeaway of the "Inside the D&D Studio" roundtable was that three classic settings are being looked at, there were other tidbits teased in that interview. One that stood out to me was at timestamp 10:49:00, where Ray reveals that they are planning to release new types of products, specifically designed to work with creators on the DMsGuild and other folks who are producing really creative work. They even mentioned that these are anthology products including shorter adventures.

This sounds way too similar to the product Welch once teased with adventures published by DMsGuild writers, and other including Deborah Ann Woll and Marisha Ray. They're almost certainly the same thing, even though the actual adventures/writers chosen to go in this anthology may have changed since.

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It feels like a no-brainer. Old school short adventures with some great established writers and some new talent. Really push the quality and ease of play. Not everyone wants year long storytelling. Groups can mix it up and jump into a few weeks of games and change flavors after. Take my money


DM's Guild already has compilation modules from various Gold level writers. MT Black has a compilation of his/her (dunno which) modules. And, having run a couple of them, they are really good. Lending the weight of a WotC branding onto something like that would be a HUGE bonus for DM's Guild writers.

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