D&D 5E What 5E can learn from Spaghetti Sauce...


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iIiAAhUeR6Y]Malcolm Gladwell: What we can learn from spaghetti sauce - YouTube[/ame]

This is a video/speech about what we can learn from Spaghetti Sauce, of all things. It's a tad long, but do yourself a favor and bear with it. The parallels with D&D and what could happen next might be enlightening... :)

Thanks to Solinor for the original link.

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Interesting lecture (and short to me, not long - I love these things - I've watched several hours of Leonard Susskind lectures from Stanford University on Youtube. Great thing about this video is I actually understand all of it).

Basically what he is describing is BECMI running along side AD&D1 running along side AD&D2. All you need is full compatibility between systems (as in I can take my BECMI wizard and play it in my other friend's AD&D1 game*) then 5E could be a winner.

*Actually the things are close enough that you could pretty much do that anyway, except for stupid stuff like percentile strength, which is why I was BECMIcentric rather than AD&D.

Essentials was actually like this but due to 4.5phobia and poor/late introduction/integration by WOTC it has many thinking it isn't compatible or perhaps even a superceding revision.
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I dunno, the trouble with that (and a lot of related products like mixed spice in a pouch) is that I am mildly allergic to onions. And yet it's not always obvious if a given product contains onions or not. So I have to look very closely at a very tiny label to see if it has it.


The first time I watched that was linked from the Mike Mearl's post or blog.

I think we will get the D&D brand with subdivisions for style of sauce.

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