D&D 5E What awesome thing happened in your game recently?


I think that it is good to break up the more acrimonious threads where we tell each other how the other is not having fun the right way with a thread here and there to celebrate the fun we ourselves are having.

This is supposed to be fun, right?

During my Valley of Tombs adventures at TotalCon, things were looking desperate for a couple of the adventurers. In a tomb dedicated to some scarab worshiping cult of ages long past, two characters were trapped in an airtight chamber looking forward to a slow death by asphyxiation while their companions tried everything to move the 20 ton block that had trapped them inside -- to no avail. Finally, in one last desperate gambit, they drilled a hole in the block, stuffed it with dirt from outside the dungeon and planted a bean from their Bag of Beans in the hole.

One random die roll later, a huge pyramid burst forth, shatter the dungeon walls and freeing the trapped adventurers, but also introducing a powerful mummy lord into the setting by pure chance. It was glorious.

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I used the Goblin Arrows section of Lost Mine of Phandelver as the intro to the 5E conversion of The Temple of Elemental Evil we just started playing.

The PC's beat the ambushing Goblins, and managed to get a survivor to lead them to the Cragmaw hideout. In a fit of inspiration, the Gnome Wizard used a Minor Illusion to disguise most of the party as Goblins, so that as they approached the lookouts, it didn't look suspicious.

The Elf Rogue rolled high on Stealth and took out the first lookout before he could draw breath...

Great bit of inspiration from the mage!


I'm running my party through LMoP (albeit with a lot of changes), and when my party got to Cragmaw Castle they saw it was perched on top of a cliff with three ways in: Up a stone bridge which was 200 feet of open terrain (with a barricade 2/3 of the way along to make things even more difficult), a winding path along a cliff (with a barn at the bottom with wolves inside), and up the pit where the hobgoblin residents dumped their waste. Needless to say, they decided to charge straight up the bridge and bust down the front door.

Somehow, due to sheer dumb luck, the party survived. And killed all but one of their foes (easily 3/4 of the dungeon) without anyone dropping to 0 hit points.


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In the last session I played in, the party was fighting off this huge kraken as it attempted to destroy a frontier town. My character, the rogue, teamed up with the barbarian to load a ballista and shoot at the creature. In order to get a better shot at it we needed to move the ballista however, a few good strength rolls later we're standing in the middle of the street, the ballista braced on the back of the barbarian and my rogue shooting with a critical hit directly in it's eye (which only angered it greatly, but still). That was the first incarnation of the Barballista. We're currently scheming ways to invent the Barbapult and the Barbuchet in the game.


Magic Wordsmith
The 10th-level adventurers split up in the dungeon - the paladin was upstairs fighting a vrock solo while the barbarian, wizard, and rogue fought another vrock downstairs. When the vrock downstairs was vanquished, the rogue rushed upstairs to assist the paladin while the barbarian inexplicably charged deeper into the dungeon. The wizard followed him. The rogue shouted that he and the paladin would find another way to meet up with them after dealing with the vrock.

The barbarian and wizard ran afoul of a glabrezu (demon) and battle ensued, despite the demon's desire to parley and make a deal. The barbarian was power word: stunned and dragged over to a prismatic wall. The wizard did what he could to try and get his friend freed as the demon walked slowly to the coruscating death-curtain. As the demon shoved the barbarian toward it, the barbarian resisted, the effects of the stun wearing off, then turned the table on the demon, pushing it closer to the prismatic wall. An epic struggle ensued as they both tried to maneuver the other to be pushed through.

The demon got a couple of lucky blows in and took the barbarian down and tossed his body aside, however, just as the rogue finally made his way down to where the battle was taking place. Enraged, the halfling rogue launched himself at the demon and engaged in melee while the wizard was under the effects of the demon's confusion...

We'll see how this works out for them on Thursday.

Capn Charlie

A routine teleportation circle activation went horribly wrong for the person using it, thanks to some PC tampering. The NPC's final destination is unknown at this time, but they left behind their skin, lungs, all the bones of their legs, and all their bone marrow.

It is the general consensus of the party that teleportation magic is not to be trusted.


Through a combination of excellent planning, subterfuge (assuming the mantle of the local Cult of the Dragon cell), a surprise round, high Initiatives, and a couple of high-damage critical hits, my party of four 3rd-level PC's didn't just drive the green dragon in Thundertree away, they killed it outright, before it even got to act. Couldn't believe my eyes. Glorious.


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Our low level party (3 3rd level PCs) ran a-foul of some cultists worshiping a blood god a little while ago and since then we've been carrying around a book which seems to contain some sort of power from that god, or some link to them. Needless to say, carrying it around appears to be causing us troubles.

Most recently on our way between towns we were caught un-awares in a forest by a massive over-sized boar covered in blood. After some nifty spell-casting and a good thwack from the barbarians axe we finally killed the beast. Or so we thought.... as the blood congealed on the ground and ran back into the boar raising it up to fight us again! Until the barbarian chopped it in half with his axe to finally end the thing.

We're all new to the game, hadn't read the monster manual fully to know that a giant boar was "relentless" and wouldn't die the first time around. Good work on our DMs part for making this standard monster really fit the flavour of being some creation summoned up by the presence of this blood god's book. We really need to find out some more about that bloody book...


The party (5th level) in one of my sessions a few months ago fought their way into Ironaxe Hall killing nearly 20 orcs and half orcs. Then they were assailed by the Ettin leader and his guards. Eventually they took down the Ettin and the remaining orcs offered to surrender and allow the party to stealthfully continue infiltrating the keep seeking a powerful relic and targeting red wizards that had taken over the keep. Unfortunately, an Orc shaman was still suspicious of the party and she nearly convinced the remaining orcs to kill the intruders. That's when the party cleric did some fast talking, and he used a precious 3rd level spell slot to cast revivification on a freshly dead Orc. When the Orc came back to life, the Orc tribe was putty in the cleric's hands.

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