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ZEITGEIST what can Jierre offer in adv6 ?


I'm slowly moving through adv6: the Great Berian Adventure through the power of roll20.

We ended last session as prisoner-guests of the Bruse, specifically right after Lya Jierre's somewhat awkward night-time visit.

What is it that she can offer to the party? Yes, she wants them to 'understand' that the Ob aren't bad. And yes she 'apologizes' for Borne. But then she has a hard ask: give up the search for Tinker and go back home.

Other than just being stunned by her rhetoric, why should the party even consider this? (I know they're not really supposed to, but I'd like to at least tempt them a bit.) For example, they floated the idea of "well, give us the name of every Ob operative active in Risur (so we can rip them out root and stem))." Realistically, what can he offer the party or offer Risur, other than a chat about philosophy?

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Unless the players are going to embrace the Ob there is not a lot the Ob can give them. They are in the critical stages of their plan.
They do not have many operatives in Risur and they cannot give up Romana or Stansfield as they are vital for future plans so they could give up some low level operatives in return for Tinker but that is not worth it.
Maybe reveal Ob plans somewhere useless were the player wrecking it won't hurt the main plan and the agents don't know anything like the peripheral islands or malice land operations

The best approach I can see is the cooperative approach , we work together to get Tinker and then you get your information and we get him back. Off course this has to be a lie , Tinker must die or return to the Ob without giving away secrets he knows vital things about Bourne and Bourne is mission critical.

The players don't know enough about the Ob to be given much of anything as giving them things tells them of the Obs secrets. Really all Lya has is that she is a genuine honourable person working for a better world and charming the players

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