D&D 5E What DM Guild character options do you use in your games?


Inspired by @Li Shenron's UA thread... what player-facing material from the Dungeon Master's Guild do you use in your games?

I'll start:
I also used various bits from The Pathwarden, the Fey Magic sorcerer from Xanathar's Lost Notes to Everything Else, and the Tactician from Intelligence Matters as inspiration for other homebrew options (but I wasn't satisfied by their original versions alone).

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I use An Updated View on Necromancy. I haven't had anyone take it yet.

It adds a few better necromantic class features that are roughly balanced and a few spells. The big thing is a 1st level spell with scaling that lets a necromancer maintain a tougher undead as a "familiar," with the slot used staying consumed until said undead is destroyed or replaced. This scales from a crawling claw (1st level) up to a CR 8 young dragon corpse with a 9th level slot. It allows a good, powerful undead minion without a clogged action economy, and with a real investment required to maintain that zombie dragon mount.

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