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5E What do townsfolk know about the Seven Sisters?


I know I could post this at Candlekeep, but I don't actually post there. So I thought I'd ask any FR experts here to help out. I am putting together an epic Realms campaign world, that begins in 1372 FR (so the older, more original Realms).

I've been doing gobs of research. One of the elements that will feature in the world are the Seven Sisters. My players will run into them at various points, depending on where they travel and such. For example, they will encounter Laeral in Waterdeep, and will likely encounter Alustriel in Silverymoon and The Simbul in Aglarond, etc., if they choose to travel to those places.

I am trying to get a grasp on what the average person living in, say Waterdeep, knows about the Seven Sisters. What is common knowledge; what is hidden knowledge.? I know the identity of the seventh sister is a secret, but does the common person know the names and locations and histories of all the others? When a person encounters Laeral or Alustriel, do they know that they have been alive for 1,000 years, that they are chosen of Mystra, etc.?

Thanks for any help.

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Think I found my answer: "Only Azuth, Elminster, Khelben Blackstaff Arunsun, Dornal the Watcher, and Mystra herself know, however, the true shining worth of the Seven Sisters, the Jewels of the Chosen." -From The Seven Sisters module.


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I'm sure that most common folk would be aware of those sisters living in their region, about their connection to Mystra, and may know a legend or two regarding them, but only scholars would know the full histories or know much about those sisters living in other lands.

For the most part they are public figures, so there should be plenty of information available if one knows where to look. Whether it's all truthful is another story however.


I think that the legend of the Seven Sisters would be better known than the sisters themselves. IIRC the 2e Seven Sisters book includes a children's rhyme about them. (I did a little bit of research on the sisters a while back so I could flesh out Laeral's role in my Tyranny of Dragons campaign.)


The commoner would know that the Sisters are Chosen of Mystra, powerful spellcasters ("wizards"), and that some of them are nobility.
Exactly WHAT the Sisters can do (powers, spells, equipment), would be the realm of rumor and story-telling and making-it-up-as-we-go-along.

Laeral is written up in 3e's City of Splendors: Waterdeep and takes two pages of small-ish print.


The average commoner would know very little about them unless they are neighbors or servants for them. They are focused on getting by and doing their thing to survive. Merchants that deal with them may know or suspect some things based on the items they sell them or the information that the sisters are looking for. Nobles in the region may know some things based on interaction with them or information gathered on them. The further disconnected from them in circles of contact will increase the rumor and fantastic ideas connected with them.

At high level you need to have NPCs that know them or even about them, but in your campaign it can be anything. If the PCs meet with one of their cooks in the town market they could find some things out like if she is home or if they can get a meeting, but the workers would most likely be used to adventurers coming up to them to get close to the sisters.

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