what does a CLW potion taste like in your world?


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ElvishBard said:
I got my dungeon magazine in today, and it has tables for how to determine what potions look and taste like. I found it to be a weird coincidence, and that's all I have to say about that.

Boooooring. That's been done for decades. Check your 1e DMG. :\

As for me, I think I will describe them as something like "a mix of honey and rooster urine."

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Sage of the Scarred Lands
And what it's in the same pile o stuff that is currently being moved elsewhere Virgil? I mean a little hint man!

*thinks seeing this in print in another source can't be ALL bad*

I seriously think you need to see a shrink...or have chats with Hannibal Lector. :p :)


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VirgilCaine said:
Boooooring. That's been done for decades. Check your 1e DMG. :\

As for me, I think I will describe them as something like "a mix of honey and rooster urine."

Oh, I didn't know that. Thats one of the disadvantages to not being born till the late 80's, you miss all the good old stuff. :)


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Mhhh, CLW potions taste and look like water, but actually they are not water, if it is CLW,CMW,etc depends on the size of the bottle.

Althought I may have to think again based in such a wide range of different tastes, specially if I use a bit more my imagination :p


Depends on the manufacturer. Some come as a green syrup with a minty taste. Then there is Hurry Heal brand CLW potion, which comes in cherry flavored red.

There are also white pastes and red or green ointments. Mint, vanilla, or rose scenting as an added touch.

Last there are CLW ointment impregnated bandages.

Pills and capsules are becoming increasingly popular. Color depends on who makes it. Most are generic brands, as CLWs are not patentable.

Oddly enough, natural vanilla is banned as a CLW potion flavoring. Vanilla flavored CLW potions react strongly with alcohol, producing stupor and in some cases coma and even death. Artificial vanilla is safe to use with CLW potions, but takes on the flavor of burnt meat.

Pastes and ointments come in jars, pills and capsules in plastic bottles. While potions come in glass bottles. There are usually 20 pills or capsules per bottle. 4 to 6 doses in the other forms. Though Costco does sell an economy sized container of its house brand CLW ointment, good for 20 doses. Still pricey, though not as expensive as in a standard D&D world.

Most have a shelf life of 6 months before losing potency. Some store brands become toxic soon after the end of shelf like, and most all take on a nasty flavor. Uncle Saul's Wound Eraser was pulled from the market because samples past the expiration date were shown to become carcinogenic Polymorphy Other potions, with the change being random according to body part. (Elephant head and mouse body with some form of carcinoma, that sort of thing.) Uncle Saul's alchemy degree was later found to be from a diploma mill and he is now doing time at the Federal prison at Leavenworth Kansas for fraud, malignant enchanting, causing grevious bodily harm, and homicide. (200 year sentence, which means at his age he'll have another 165 years to serve in the Federal prison system's spirit incarceration facility before he is released.)

(What can I say? I got inspired. :D )


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Looks like: a bright, candy-apple red syrup that fizzes and bubbles as if carbonated.

Tastes like: bitingly spicey and slightly sweet, tasting of ginseng, ginger, garlic, and honey.

The greater levels of healing have thicker consistancy and a more blended, refined flavor.
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Foul, downright horrible.. the most godawful taste you can imagine multiplied one thousandfold. In other words, alot like licking the floor of a taxi cab.

Ao the Overkitty

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Galeros said:
I would rather die than down that stuff. I had to drink it once and I felt like I was going to vomit.
Would you rather it tasted like the floor of a NYC taxi cab?

As previously stated, medicine isn't suppossed to taste good. After all, if cure poitions tasted like godiva dark chocolate or Fudge Central Ice Cream, people would self-inflicting wounds all over the place just to taste them.

Remember kids. Nasty tasting healing helps ensure your PCs will look for the safer route.


All depends on who makes them.

Church of Apollo: bright yellow like the sun, tastes like warm honey.
Church of Thor: light blue and out the corner of your eye your sure you can see tiny sparks, tastes like a hammer
Church of Mask: clear like crystal water, tastes like water, and you get the feeling someone is behind you with a sharp blade.

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